We always love seeing how you incorporate your Bates bedspread, throws, and blankets into your home! Last month, we held a photo contest over our newsletter and boy, did we get some incredible submissions. We were so inspired seeing our American made bedding styled so beautifully.

While we wish we could share them all, we received so many entries that if we did, this blog post would be a novel - so for today, we chose 5 that we think wonderfully represent the gamut of our products today (and yesterday!).

1| New & Old: Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread

Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread

A vintage heirloom Martha Washington's Choice (inherited from this customer's grandmother) shares a room with a brand new Martha bedspread in this photo submission - so cool! Our Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread has been in production since 1940, and we're proud to continue to manufacture it today.

2| Abigail Adams Matelasse Bedspread

Abigail Adams Matelasse Bedspread

We love how this bedframe compliments our elegant Abigail Adams Cotton Matelasse Bedspread. Just beautiful!

3| Vintage from 1950: Bates Clipper Ship

Vintage Bates Bedspread

It never ceases to amaze us how long our products last if properly cared for. Since we no longer make this vibrant "Bates Clipper Ship" design, we had to dig into our archives to find out when it was first manufactured (answer: we found it in a Bates sales pamphlet from 1950 - pictured below!). This one still looks in beautiful shape, and the color is unbelievable.

Be sure to brush up on How to Care for Bates Bedspreads & Blankets so that you can keep your Bates looking its best!

Vintage Bates Clipper Ship 1950

4| Americana Cotton Matelasse Coverlet

Americana Cotton Matelasse Coverlet

We couldn't help but share this photo of our Americana Cotton Matelasse Coverlet. How cute! The quilted wall hanging perfectly complements the geometric starburst pattern of this midcentury design, and the little bear is absolutely adorable.

5| Kineo American Cotton Throw

Kineo Cotton Throw

Our Kineo American Cotton Blanket is a favorite among pet owners. Look at this happy kitty! The Kineo has a flat, durable weave that holds up best to those sharp little claws.

We hope you enjoyed this small selection of photos from our "Show Us Your Bates" photo contest. If you'd like to participate in future contests, giveaways, and pre-sales, please sign up for our newsletter - we love our subscribers!

November 09, 2023 — Adrienne Beacham

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