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Original Retailers of America’s Favorite Bates Mill Bedspreads

The Bates Mill Store originally opened in Maine in the 1950s as a factory outlet offering second quality bedspreads to the employees of one of America's most famous textile manufacturers, the Bates Manufacturing Company (1850-2001). After the historic mill closed in 2001, former employees established Maine Heritage Weavers as a legacy company to carry on the weaving tradition. The Bates Mill Store is pleased to offer the largest selection of iconic Bates bedspreads in the world and is conveniently located alongside the Maine Heritage Weavers factory in Maine where all of our products are made. Learn more

Did You Know?

When you order from the Bates Mill Store, you're supporting a small family-owned and -operated manufacturer. Every product we sell is proudly made start-to-finish by our team of expert craftsmen and women in rural Maine. Please note that while most orders will ship within a few days, some orders may take longer as the items may still need to be woven and finished by our team.