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Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread
From $ 225.00
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116 reviews
Spirit of America Cotton Bedspread
From $ 215.00
AntiqueLinenMaroonSageWedgewood BlueWhite+ 3 more

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Snowdrop Cotton Bedspread
From $ 150.00
LinenSageWedgewood BlueWhiteAntique+ 2 more

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About Our Made in USA Cotton Terry Bedspreads

Terry Bedspreads are a signature style of Bates Bedspreads. Our most iconic style, Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread, has been in production since 1940. The cotton bedspreads in our Terry Collection feature a unique, high-texture weave characterized by loops of yarn on the top and underside of the bedspread. Bed coverings in this style are also called popcorn chenille bedspreads, hobnail bedspreads, or candlewick bedspreads.

While these bedspreads are often seen as traditional or nostalgic, they have proven to be showstoppers no matter what the era as they appear more and more in contemporary home decor. The unique terry weave showcases the skill of the craftspeople operating the looms as well as simplistic beauty of cotton yarns - something that will never go out of style!

Our Terry Bedspreads are proudly woven and stitched entirely in the USA by our family-owned mill in Maine. 100% Preshrunk Cotton, Machine Wash & Dry.