What is your store address?

The Bates Mill Store Retail Location is located at 904 Main Street in Monmouth, ME. The hours are Monday - Thursday 9am – 2pm. 

  • Please visit our contact us page for information on holiday hours and any other temporary closures.

What is the difference between a bedspread and a coverlet?

Bedspreads are larger than coverlets and will often have a different fringe finish, but are otherwise the same.  Our bedspreads are designed with a 21 inch drop and our coverlets have a 12 inch drop (including fringe where applicable).

What are the standard sizes of bedspreads?

  • Twin: 80″ x 110″
  • Full: 96″ x 110″
  • Queen: 102″ x 116″
  • King 118″ x 120″
  • Standard Drop Length of Bedspread: 21"

What are the standard sizes of coverlets?

  • Twin: 66″ x 102″
  • Full: 78″ x 102″
  • Queen 84″ x 110″
  • King 102″ x 110″
  • Standard Drop Length of Coverlets: 12"

Is fringe included in the overall dimensions?
Yes, fringe is included in the dimensions where applicable.

Do you offer California King size?
No, we do not offer California King as one of our standard sizes.

Do I have to purchase shams?
No, shams are an optional decorative accessory.  All of our bedspreads and coverlets are classically designed with a traditional pillow tuck (extra length to cover your pillows).

Are there other products to match my bedspread or coverlet?

Many of our classic styles come in a variety of different products including bedspreads, coverlets, pillow shams, and throws. Shop all Bates Collections by Style.

I'm looking for heavyweight bedspreads and blankets for the Fall and Winter. Where can I find these?

Browse our heavyweight bedspreads and blankets which are perfect for the colder months of the year or those of us living year round in cooler climates.

I'm looking for lightweight bedspreads and blankets for the Spring and Summer. Where can I find these?

Browse our lightweight bedspreads and blankets which are perfect for the warmer months of the year or those of us living year round in warmer climates.

Can I wash my bedspread?
Yes. Of course you need a large washing machine, but our products are all machine washable. We recommend a gentle wash cycle with warm water. Do not use any bleach or detergent with bleach additive. Tumble dry with low heat. Remove promptly to avoid wrinkling. Learn more about how to care for your Bates products (old and new!) here.

How much shrinkage can I expect if I wash my bedspread or coverlet?
Our products are preshrunk. You can expect no more than 2% shrinkage, if any.

Are these bed covers completely made in the USA or imported as unfinished goods and completed in your mill?
Each product we sell is proudly 100% manufactured in the United States by skilled craftsmen.

Do you make custom sizes?
Yes, we offer extra-wide queen sizes in several styles. Learn more here

Custom bedspreads are not eligible for any discounts or promotions and cannot be returned or exchanged.

How quickly can I expect my order to ship?
Every product we sell is proudly made start-to-finish by our team of expert craftsmen and women in rural Maine. Please note that while many orders will ship within a few days, some orders may take longer as the items may still need to be woven and finished by our team. Learn more about how we process your order here.

When will I be charged for my order?
We capture payment at the time of order placement.  If you prefer to be billed at the time of shipment, please contact us to place your order.

Is there somewhere I can go to get a better look at the fringe?
Yes, you can see close-ups of all of our the different fringe styles here

What colors are available?
White and Antique are the standard colors for all bedspreads. In our Matelasse Collection, 2-tone colors are also available, including Linen (also known as old antique), French Blue (on natural) and Wedgewood Blue (on white). In our Terry Collection,  2-tone colors are also available, including Linen, Maroon (on natural), Wedgewood Blue (on white) and Sage (on natural). Swatch cards are available to help you decide on the perfect color.

Please also note that although every effort is made to photograph our items accurately, we cannot guarantee every computer monitor will accurately depict the actual color of the merchandise perfectly. Please feel free to request swatches if you prefer to have an in-person look at the available colors prior to purchasing.

What is the difference between French Blue and Wedgewood Blue? 
The blue thread in both the Wedgewood and French blue is the same color. The only difference between the two is that the Wedgewood Blue has a blue background with a white design, while the French Blue has a blue background with an antique design

What is the difference between a Matelasse and a Terry?
Matelasse weaves are flat with a slight puff to the pattern (much like quilting but without any actual stuffing) while terry weaves feature lofty loops that are created by pulling uncut cords of cotton yarn up or down through the base layer.  They are two very different and unique weave structures.  Swatch cards of each fabric type is available. Call customer service at 1-800-552-2837 or request a brochure online.

Terry Weave Swatch (Color: Sage) Matelassé Weave Swatch (Color: Sage)  

Examples: Photo (1) - Terry Weave, Photo (2) - Matelassé Weave

Textile Terms:
MATELASSE: A soft, double or compound fancy-woven fabric with a quilted appearance usually woven on a Jacquard loom. Our matelasse designs include Queen Elizabeth, Abigail, Heritage and Cape Cod among others.

CANDLEWICK: Fabric woven on jacquard looms to create fluffy tufts of soft cotton yarns closely arranged in continuous lines or spaced at intervals to create a design. Often called chenille (which is a type of very soft yarn), the name candlewick refers to fabric loops as being similar in length to the “wick of a candle”. Our candlewick designs are made of terry loop fabric.

CHENILLE: A very soft yarn used as filling in fabrics with a fuzzy appearance.

TERRY: A cotton fabric having uncut loops on one or both sides made on a dobby loom with a terry arrangement or on a Jacquard loom. Our Martha’s Choice bedspread is of terry construction and soft like chenille.

JACQUARD: A system of weaving using a pattern mechanism to permit the production of large, intricate designs. The weave pattern is achieved by a series of punched cards. The process is similar to the way a player piano works. Thousand of “punch cards” are required to weave one bedspread woven on a jacquard loom

DOBBY: A mechanical attachment on a loom to to weave small, fancy designs.