Have you ever wondered the best way to support the American made brands you love when you're short on cash? Sometimes a little can go a long way! We've compiled a list of 5 things that you can do to help out small businesses and made in USA brands like ours that make a big impact but don't cost a thing (except maybe a couple of minutes of your time!).

1| Leave reviews

If you have experience with a brand's products, leaving a simple positive review can be a game-changer. In our current era of online shopping, reviews play a massive part in steering customers towards (or away from) buying a product that they can't see and feel for themselves. If you like a brand's products and want to show your support, putting in a good word can help consumers make the choice to purchase from them.

2| Follow on social media & invite friends to follow

If you're into social media, following the brands you like is an excellent and easy way to support them. Consumers often look to the size of a brand's online following as an indicator of their credibility - lots of fans equals good products! If you have friends or family who you think may also enjoy the brand, invite them to follow too. That helps the brand broaden their online base, by exposing more people to the brand who may not have known about them before.

3| Engage on their social media posts by liking, commenting, and sharing

Another way to show your support on social media is by engaging with the brand's social media posts. Liking, commenting, and sharing their posts can show that they have an active and dedicated fan base (plus, it's fun!). Sharing posts is especially helpful in spreading the word about their services and products.

4| Sign up for their newsletters

Email newsletters give brands the chance to demonstrate knowledge about their products, tell their stories, and send information about sales and new releases. Having a solid email marketing list is critical to an online business, since it's a reliable source of potential customers who are already fans. Unlike social media platforms which can be unstable, an email list is not subject to changes in algorithms which businesses have no control over.

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5| Sing their praises by word of mouth

And lastly, if you like a brand's products, let the world know! Sometimes, good old fashioned word of mouth is the best way to spread the love.

We hope this list gave you some ideas for how to support the brands you love without needing to spend any money. Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments!

February 16, 2024 — Adrienne Beacham

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