Spring is officially upon us and we are very excited for the weather to start warming up and for the buds to begin blooming.  After a long winter stuck inside, there are plenty of projects to get done around the house. The good news? The sooner you tackle these tasks, the sooner you will be able to kick back and start enjoying the warm weather.


1 | Inspect Exterior for Damage

Winter can be rough on the exterior of our homes - especially if you live in an area with snow.  Look for things like missing roof shingles, cracks that need to be caulked, worn out weather stripping, or damaged siding, gutters, and screens.  Make a list of things you can repair yourself and the ones you need to hire out for - and prioritize (get an easy check list here: how to prioritize your inspecting your home's exterior).  

2 | Clean Exterior Surfaces

Decks, walkways, patios and even vinyl siding can benefit from a quick power-wash after a long, wet winter.  Clearing the dirt and grime away from these surfaces is like giving your house a face lift! You can rent power washers, but they can also be fairly inexpensive to buy so you can have it on hand for other tasks like washing your car! If you're considering buying, check out this list of 2018's best power washers to find one that would fit your needs best.

3 | Clear Your Yard of Debri

Winter storms and wind can leave your yard cluttered with leaves and branches even if you did a good job cleaning up in the fall.  After you pick up all the branches you can probably mulch the leaves into the grass with your lawn mower. Don’t forget to clear leaves away from the foundation of your home and existing flower beds.

4 | Clean &  Store Your Winter Linens

Many of us change out our bed linens with the seasons.  Making sure you take the proper steps to clean and store your seasonal linens will mean they are fresh and ready to use once the cold weather (inevitably) rolls back around.

5 | Plan Your Garden

Spring is the time to plan and prep your vegetable gardens.  Prep the soil with fertilizer and tilling, order your seeds and maybe even create a map of your garden layout.  If you do not have space for a garden at your home, consider purchasing a plot from a community garden, like the Monmouth Community Garden located at our facility.


Do you have any tips for prepping your home for Spring?  Let us know in the comments below.

March 20, 2018 — Administrative Account

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