We get lots of questions from customers about the difference between our woven coverlets and traditional quilts. In this blog post, we're going to explore the differences between these two popular bedding options and help you find just the quilt or coverlet you're seeking for your home. 

Coverlets versus Quilts by Definition

A quilt is a textile that is actually made up of pieces of cloth stitch together in two layers with batting in between. A quilt is often reversible and is used as both a top of bed option or as a readily available extra layer lying decoratively at the end of a bed.

Woven coverlets are made from a single piece of material woven on a loom. Rather than stitching pieces and layers together like one would do to create a quilt, a coverlet is simply cut and hemmed to size after the fabric for the coverlet has been woven. Coverlets tend to only be a top of bed option and may be paired with a blanket underneath the coverlet for extra warmth. 

Coverlets versus Quilts in Practice

Quilts can come in a variety of patterns and colors, but are often considered to have a more traditional aesthetic than coverlets. They are often hand-stitched and due to their pieced together construction, they require much more delicate care than a strongly woven coverlet. 

Coverlets have a little more versatililty in terms of design due to the flexibility of the patterns in the weave. In addition, woven coverlets are often machine washable making them a great choice for folks who prefer to have an easy to care for bedding option. 

Our Recommendations

If you find you prefer the complex beauty of a quilt, we recommend you check out the variety of options from Amish Country Lanes. You'll find a vast array of options and can also even commission a unique quilt custom made for you. 

Source: Amish Country Lanes

For woven coverlets, we recommend checking out our array of woven coverlets. The Diamond Matelasse Coverlet features a beautiful geometric perfect for the modern home. For a more traditional home, we recommend the Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet in our terry weave and finished on three sides with a classic pom pom fringe. 

Diamond Matelasse Coverlet

Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet

Still can't decide? You may consider the fact that our most popular woven coverlets are actually made with a matelasse weave that was actually invented to replicate the puffy texture of a quilt. It's the best of both worlds!

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