5 Tips for Storing Seasonal Bedding September 01, 2017 13:42

Bedding, like so many things in life, tends to change with the seasons.  With cooler weather on the horizon, we thought this would be a good time to share some tips for storing your warm-weather bedding until Spring.

1 | Proper Cleaning

Before storing your linens for the winter, run them through a proper wash and dry cycle. That way, they’ll be fresh and ready to throw on the bed come spring.  For larger linens, like bedspreads, you might consider going to a laundromat where you will have access to large capacity washers and dryers for the most thorough cleaning.

2 | Breathable Packaging

When dealing with natural fibers (like cotton), it is good practice to let the fabric breath while in storage.  That means storing it in a container which is also made of natural fibers (again, like cotton).  These under-the-bed containers by Household Essentials® are made of cotton canvas and designed to be used with cedar planks for added freshness and protection from moths.

3 | Picking the Best Location

Where you store your blankets is just as important as how you store your blankets.  Of course, the location of storage will depend entirely on the space you have available.  But no matter where you tuck them away, the most important thing is that the space be cool and dry.  If the storage area is warm, moisture can build up leading to mold and mildew.  If you let that happen, then you will be spending your valuable time finding ways to save the fabric.

4 | Saving Space

If your home does not offer a lot of extra space for storage, you may be forced to get creative when packing away your seasonal bedding.  One space saving idea is to store your seasonal bedding in a cedar chest, which offers a dual function of storage and seating.

5 | Prepare for Winter

Before storing away your summer bedding, make sure you have your winter linens ready!  We have plenty of heavyweight bedspreads and blankets that are sure to keep you warm all winter long.


Do you have a storage tip that works for you?  Share it in the comments below!