With temperates reaching almost 90 degrees in late September, one would hardly guess that winter will soon be on our doorstep!  After a bountiful third season, the Monmouth Community Garden is slowly wrapping up and gardeners are beginning to think about fall clean-up.
Nearly everyone has mountains of tomatoes, ready for harvesting!  Looks like it's time to get making and preserving some sauce.  If you're interested in a good recipe, we've found a great one at Wellness Mama.  Lasagna, anyone?
Even though it was a difficult squash year for some growers, one gardener has a handsome crop of butternut squash ripening.
A few plots down, another member had some great success with orange peppers!  With summer heat waves continuing into late September, there was plenty of time for the color to turn.
We have several patches of sunflowers in the garden.  The bees are in full pollination mode, and we're happy to see them out and about.
Check out this little guy's dusty yellow legs!  Whatta sweetheart.
Although specific times and dates are still up in the air, Community Garden members are planning a fall Pot-Luck/Meeting sometime the second week of October to discuss plans for fall clean-up and to talk about possibilities for next season.  All interested in joining the garden next year are welcome to attend!  To be updated on the exact time/day of our meeting, or FMI in general, please contact Chad Wright at  chadwright2010@gmail.com or Adrienne Beacham at adrienne@maineheritageweavers.com.
October 02, 2017 — Administrative Account

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