It's that time of the year when the temperatures start to warm, and we're looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable through the night. While winter loves wool, everyone knows spring and summer love the breathable freshness of cotton. Below, find 4 great cotton bedding options to prep your bed for the warm season.

1. Cotton Sheets

The first place we start is your base layer. Cotton sheets are an ideal choice for the warm months as they keep you covered but allow your body to breath comfortably. There are many cotton options available so it's important to choose a sheet set that is good for the warm season (versus cotton flannel which is more ideal for the cooler winter months). We recommend our own Made in USA Cotton Sheets in Antique (Natural) or if you prefer a pop of color, consider exploring Authenticy 50's Signature Made in USA Sheets in 3 colors.

2. Cotton Blanket

Depending on where you are located, temperatures can vary widely throughout the day and night. For this reason, sometimes it's good to have options for layering in the warm months and cotton blankets are a great choice to have on hand (for especially warm nights, a cotton blanket alone you may find most comfortable!).

For those preferring a lightweight option, consider our Cable Weave Blanket. For those looking for a little extra heft (and more color options!), check out our most popular blanket, the George Washington's Choice Blanket.


3. Cotton Coverlets

For the top of bed, we love the wide variety of options for cotton coverlets (if you're more into comforters, please check out the duvet covers below!). Cotton coverlets are breathable plus easy to care for so you can easily keep them fresh all season just by washing them in your home washer and dryer. Our picks for this season? For the modern home, we like the Diamond Matelasse Coverlet. For the more traditional home, we recommend the classic Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet.

4. Cotton Duvet Covers

For those who prefer a little more fluff to their top of bed option, cotton duvet covers are a great way to freshen up your bed for spring and summer. While a flannel duvet is a great pick for winter, we recommend cotton duvet covers for the warm season! Coming in a wide variety of colors and prints, duvet covers can be a great way to not only be comfortably but also to add a pop of personality to your bedding. We recommend checking out the bright, cheery options of Lime & Leaf's Made in USA Duvet Covers

How do you prep your bed for the warm season? Share in the comments below!

April 05, 2018 — Administrative Account

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