Cotton is one of the number one fibers used in home textiles. Why is cotton so preferred by manufacturers and consumers alike? If you already own a Bates bedspread or blanket, you may have a few guesses. This article explores the many reasons why our cotton blankets are an ideal choice for every season, and how to choose which one is right for you. 

George Washington's Choice Cotton Blanket in Blue

George Washington's Choice

Cotton as a Fiber

Cotton is classified as a cellulosic, seed fiber. Cellulose is an organic compound. Within plants, it acts as the main structural component of the primary cell wall. Cotton is considered to be almost pure cellulose once it has been processed. Cotton fibers grow inside bolls, the seedpods of the cotton plant. Cotton plants are shrub-like, growing low to the ground. Cotton bolls form after the plant's blossoming season. Bolls act as a protective case around the cotton seeds and developing cotton fibers. Each boll contains about 8 seeds and several hundred thousand cotton fibers. By the time the boll is ripe, the snowy, fluffy cotton fibers have expanded enough to force open the seedpod. It is at this time that the cotton is harvested, cleaned, and eventually spun into yarn.

Bates blankets and bedspreads are woven out of 100% cotton yarns, making them a perfect choice for any season. Cotton has a wealth of diverse properties, all which contribute to its long-lasting success as a fiber. Our knowledgeable manufacturing team (Maine Heritage Weavers) produces Bates cotton products with the utmost care and skill, ensuring that the fiber's natural properties continue to give for years to come.

Rapier loom weaving a cotton blanket


Cotton is soft to the touch and attractive to the eye. The fiber has a high absorbancy rate and doesn't trap moisture, making it breathable in warm (or even) hot weather. It also has good heat and electrical conductivity, which makes a cotton blanket a fantastic winter choice as well.

Durability & Care

With proper love, our cotton blankets can last for years! Cotton fibers strengthen when wet, and because of this cotton blankets don't require a lot of special care when washing, unlike woolen products. Cotton naturally releases soils, making for an easy wash. Our products can be machine washed and dried, and as they are preshrunk in our factory, shrinking is not a major concern. However, it is important to use mild detergents and to avoid the use of bleach, as that yellows and weakens cotton fibers over time. 

If you are looking for a blanket that provides in any weather or season, be sure to check out our collection of American made cotton blankets! Having trouble deciding which blanket is the one for you? Check out our blog article "Are you Ready for Chillier Months? Reasons to Love Each of Our Blankets!"



January 25, 2016 — Adrienne Beacham

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