Sleigh beds and daybeds and murphy beds… oh my!  What style of bed frame do you sleep on at night, and what does it say about you?  Let’s find out.


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You are a vertically challenged person who suffers from hot flashes and undiagnosed OCD tendencies. The platform bed is perfect for you because it is low to the ground, offering non-labor intensive access and a temperate sleeping environment. You also appreciate it for its lack of under-bed clutter.


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You are instinctually, if not genetically, closer to monkeys than most other humans. You seek the adrenaline rush of swinging from trees, but doing so in public gave you an odd reputation with your neighbors, so you now choose to swing from the bed posts in the sweet, sweet privacy of your own bedroom.


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Although you may not realize it, you were traumatized early in life by the story of Chicken Little. Your unconscious fear of the falling sky has impacted your life emotionally, physically and decoratively. The canopy bed is more than just a stylish and chic statement piece; it is your only line of defense against the inevitable.


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You are constantly on the go, even in your dreams. If magic carpets were more comfortable, you’d sleep on one. Alas, you’ve yet to find one with a pillow-top memory foam construction so you settled for the next best option. The sleigh bed may not have the all-terrain qualities of a magic carpet, but it’s good on gas and gets the job done. 


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You’re broke.

Mattress on the floor

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You were broke but then you won “big” on a scratch ticket. You spent your winnings on luxury bath soaps and an award winning show dog. You entered Sparky in a local dog show and came in 9th place. There was no cash prize, but you did win this mattress.


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You refuse to conform to societies unrealistic expectation for you to make good decisions. In fact, you don’t see the need to decide anything at all! To your relief, the daybed would never ask you to choose between sitting on a couch or lying down to bed – it offers both! Unrelated but still applicable: you probably have (or secretly desire to have) a mullet.

Murphy Bed

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You’re parents taught you to put things back where they belong when you are done with them. You learned the lesson a little too well, and now you can’t stand to have anything “out of place”. You cringe to think there are so many people out there who simply refuse to put their beds away when not in use.

We want to know: what type of frame do you sleep on at night?  Tell us in the comments below!

January 28, 2016 — Katie Cloutier


Katie said:

Hi Sally! Here’s what your bed frame says about you!

Captains Bed | They say old habits die hard, and that saying rings true for habits from past lives as well. You, for example, were a chipmunk in a past life. The drawers in your captains bed serve as your symbolic cheeks. You feel compelled to fill your “cheeks” with things you deem necessary and sometimes delicious. It’s not weird that you wake up in the middle of the night to sneak snacks from a drawer under your bed (no, not at all). What is weird is that chirping noise you make while doing so.

Sally said:

Actually we sleep on a captain’s bed. I’m guessing you can come up with a funny one for that one too. :)

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