Fall is here and that means colder nights are ahead.  Are you ready, or do you need to spruce up your blanket collection, perhaps?  We've put together a list of reasons why our customers love each of our 5 popular blanket weaves.  If you're not sure which Bates blanket is best for you, read on!

1| George Washington's Choice Blanket

Perhaps our most popular blanket, the George Washington's Choice Blanket comes in six different colors which match our classic bedspreads.  It is also our heaviest blanket, so if you are looking for something with a little more heft, the GWC is a good one to go for.

Mark says,

"When the blanket arrived and I opened the box I said Wow. I was impressed by the quality of the workmanship. A very attractive blanket, so well made and most importantly it is warm! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for blankets."

Reasons to love our GWC Blanket: Heaviest blanket, more color choices!


2| Cathedral Blanket

If you're looking for something a little more sleek, the Cathedral Blanket might be the one for you.  With a modern but still decorative weave, this blanket can fit in with any decor style - just choose whether you want it in white or natural cotton.  One customer uses this blanket on his bed alone with just a top sheet, as a "minimalist bedspread."

Says Rose,

"I bought the king size Cathedral Blanket in antique for our Queen bed. This eliminates the fight over blankets between hubby and myself! It is absolutely gorgeous! Beautifully woven, with secure stitching on the hems. The weave is very tight and it is considerably heavier than one would think of in a thermal blanket. I wouldn't even use that term for this blanket--it is better made! It should last for years!"

Reasons to love our Cathedral Blanket: Decorative but modern weave, minimalist.

3| Kineo Woven Blanket

If you have pets or kids, you may be putting an extra layer (we crack ourselves up!) of thought into choosing a blanket.  For people with fur babies, the Kineo Woven Blanket is usually our first suggestion.  Its tightly woven tabby weave allows for fewer pulls and snags.  The Kineo Woven Blanket is available in four colors, and features a classic but fun stripe pattern (which is great for kids' rooms!).

Lisa writes, 

"This is my first Kineo Woven Blanket purchase in Linen color (great neutral). I'm ordering another, has nice tight woven durable texture, and perfect weight, not too heavy or too light. THANKS DORIS for your suggestion and wonderful customer service - you and the girls in the warehouse were right - my doggies love it too!"

And Deanna reports,

"This blanket was for my toddler, who was transitioning to a toddler bed...my toddler can't wait to use it as a top layer in winter. She loves the stripe design, as do I."

Reasons to love our Kineo Blanket: Several color choices, best choice for people with pets, simplest weave, fun stripe design.

4| Basketweave Blanket

The Basketweave Blanket is fairly new to our collection, but it is quickly becoming a favorite.  Available in classic white or natural cotton, the Basket Weave features a slightly more decorative weave than the Kineo but it has a similar feel and weight.  If you'd like something simple but with a hint of interest, the Basket Weave might be your choice.

Dennis says,

"Enjoying this blanket which is tightly woven, heavy and warm between the sheet and bed cover. Very high quality made product."

Reasons to love our Basketweave Blanket: A rising favorite with a subtle yet more decorative weave than Kineo, only available in white and natural.

5| Lattice Blanket

The most recent addition to our blanket collection is the Lattice Blanket. If you want something weighty but still breathable, this one may be right up your alley.  Plus, waffle blankets are all all over the home decor world right now!

Writes Nancy,

"I was looking for a white blanket that was made in the USA when I purchased this "Lattice Blanket". I love the new blanket...it is everything I was looking for, and am so happy to support this American company. I highly recommend!"

Reasons to love our Lattice Blanket: Breathable with a waffly, cushy texture but heavier in feel.

6| Gift of Choice with Bates Gift Card!

Don't know exactly what a loved one wants in a blanket?  Let them pick their own this season with a Bates Gift Card.

Reasons to love our Gift Cards: Can be used on anything in the store, never expire!

We hope this run-down of our available blanket styles will help inspire you as you get your bedroom ready for the colder months.  If you already have one (or several!) Bates blankets, which ones did you choose, and for what reason?  What do you love about the particular style(s) you have?  We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

September 30, 2021 — Adrienne Beacham

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