We've been known for many, many years for our heirloom bedspreads, but did you know that we offer many of the same iconic designs as throws?

You can expect to find the same high quality that our bedspreads are known for when you order one of our throws. With Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, we might add that our throws make excellent gifts (and you don't even have to know someone's bed size!).
Read on to learn about 5 of our most iconic designs that come in a versatile throw size - plus, we'll share some tips on how to use them in your home styling endeavors.  
Bates Martha Washington's Choice Cotton Throw

1. Martha Washington's Choice Cotton Throw

Perhaps our most well-known style is the Martha Washington's Choice, which has been in production since 1940. The Martha was the first hobnail bedspread to ever be produced on a mechanical loom.

With its nostalgic terry weave, the Martha Washington's Choice Throw can add a beautiful, textural touch to your living room or bedroom. Many people remember hobnail or popcorn chenille bedspreads like these on their grandparent's beds growing up. Today, people are welcoming these types of generational heirloom pieces into their home decorating schemes. As a throw, this gorgeous pattern isn't confined to the bed - use it as a cozy and inviting accent anywhere in your home!

Bates Cape Cod Matelasse Cotton Throw

2. Cape Cod Matelasse Cotton Throw

Beloved for its subtle, coastal theme that mixes with any decor, our Cape Cod design was originally introduced in the 1970s. This steadfast favorite is still in production today. Both beautiful and useful, the Cape Cod Throw is a perfect gift for friends or family to enjoy in their homes.

As our lives and brains get busier and busier, many people are turning to simpler, more considered ways of decorating their homes. Pare down your accessories collection and display what you truly love! The Cape Cod Throw will always offer a space of serenity with its structured, coastal simplicity.

Bates Spirit of America Cotton Throw

3. Spirit of America Throw

Our Spirit of America Cotton Throw features a geometric starburst pattern inspired by Native American woven textiles. Originally introduced by Bates in the 1970s, the Spirit of America pattern makes an especially beautiful vintage style throw that will be a sure show-stopper in your home.

While stunning in every color, Spirit's traditional hobnail weave makes it the perfect candidate for tone-on-tone textural layering on the bed or couch. Winter calls for us to want our home spaces to feel cozy, lived in, and warm - and what better way to do that with lots of cozy layers?

Bates Abigail Adams Matelasse Cotton Throw

4. Abigail Adams Matelasse Cotton Throw

The Abigail Adams Bedspread was first released in 1976 during the celebration of the United States Bicentennial. This traditional design was inspired by the handwoven cotton quilts that President John Adams used while serving abroad as a diplomat in France.

Beautifully elegant, the Abigail Adams Throw has an old-fashioned vibe that fits right in with the Winter 2023 home decor tend forecasting - we're still enjoying traditional, well-made, nostalgic pieces that remind us of yesteryear. Adding this gorgeous throw to your collection will not only serve you for this winter, but for many future winters to come!

Bates Colonial Rose Matelasse Cotton Throw

5. Colonial Rose Matelasse Cotton Throw

Originally introduced by Bates in the 1950s, the Colonial Rose design features a flowing, mirrored arrangement of blossoms and palm leaves. This enduring matelasse pattern makes for a beautiful vintage-style throw that will add a pop of nature to your home.

A continued interest in showcasing natural materials and bringing plant life into our homes follows us into Winter 2023. The Colonial Rose Matelasse Cotton Throw is a gorgeous piece that reminds us of greenery, even during the dark days of winter.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about some of our most iconic designs. If you have a favorite Bates throw, we'd love to hear about it. To view all of our throws, please visit our American Made Cotton Throw Blanekt Collection. Feel free to tell us your story in the comments!

November 16, 2022 — Adrienne Beacham

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