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We'd all love to have our bedrooms look as incredible as the ones we see in home decor magazines or blogs.  Luckily, it's not too difficult to learn how to make up your bed like a pro.  In this article, we'll discuss our 5 steps to bed styling success, and each tip will be paired with a fun photo to help get you inspired.  We'll be featuring some of our favorite home stylists active on Instagram, so get ready to fall in love with some amazing bedrooms!

1| Start with amazing sheets.

 Bed by @stylizimoblog

If you don’t want to iron your sheets, remove them from the dryer as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles. When purchasing sheets, choose ones based on feel and personal comfort rather than thread count or material - it's your bed, so you should be comfortable!⁣

2| Layer blankets for extra warmth, if desired.

Bed by @nataliemyers

Add a breathable blanket or two over the top sheet, depending on the climate and season.⁣ 

"Do it with Bates" Pick: Kineo Woven Blanket

3| Choose a topper.

Bed by @hunted_interior

Are you a bedspread or a duvet person? Whichever one you prefer, the topper sets the tone for your bedroom, so choose one that you like!⁣

Because of their interesting textures and layer-ability (see step 2, layer blankets!) many home decorators are turning toward more “old-fashioned” bedcovers, like our bedspreads and coverlets, to spruce up their bedrooms in interesting, inviting ways.  The options are endless.


"Do it with Bates" Picks: Diamond Matelassè Coverlet or Americana Coverlet (pictured here in Linen)

4| Style your pillows.

Bed by @designthusiasm

While there are no strict rules for pillow placement, there is a formula that never fails!  Place your regular sleeping pillows against the headboard first, then place European shams, if you use them. Standard shams come next, in front of the Euro shams. Finish off the look with a few smaller accent pillows.⁣ @designthusiasm highlights a variety of textures in her white-on-white setup. 

"Do it with Bates" Picks: Diamond Matelassè Sham or Martha Washington's Choice Shams in white.

5| Add an accent throw or quilt. 

Beds by @studiomcgee

Place a folded throw or thin quilt at the end of the bed for a final touch.⁣  Check out this sweet children's bedroom!

"Do it with Bates" Pick: Spirit of America (pictured in white).

We hope you enjoyed these styling tips!  Have a picture of your beautiful bed featuring Bates?  Share it with us on Instagram by tagging us @batesmillstore.

July 01, 2021 — Adrienne Beacham

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