If you follow emerging home decorating trends, you may have noticed a style called “Grandmillenial” appearing over the past couple of years.  Also called “granny chic” this trend embraces everything familiar and nostalgic, while finding new ways to style “older” or more traditional pieces into your home.  Especially popular among Millennials, or people between 25-40 (hence the name "Grandmillenial") this trend is taking the internet over by storm as younger generations endearingly turn to "old fashioned" ways of styling interiors.  

While the beauty and quality of our products surpasses trend, we got a kick out of putting together an official Bates "Grandmillenial Starter Pack"!  Read on to see our top picks.

1| Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet

First up on the list is obviously our fabulous Martha Washington's Choice Coverlet.  While the terry weave and design are both beautifully nostalgic, the shorter length and cute ball fringe add an element of hipness. Add shams if you'd like!

2| Snow Drop Pillow Shams

Even if you don't have one of our Snowdrop Bedspreads, these adorable pillow shams can be added to any bed for a stylish pop of texture! They're available in 6 different colors, so it's easy to coordinate with any color scheme.

3| Lisa's Choice Throw

We've covered the bedroom, but how about the living room?  Our matelassé Lisa's Choice Throw is decked out with an all-over floral pattern that's just as sweet as your grandmother's couch.  Toss this mid-weight throw over a chair for an instant blast into the past!

4| Lattice Blanket

Our Lattice Blanket has a slightly more modern look, but it's lofty, waffle texture and solid color allow it to easily fit into any interior.  Plus, it's a great balancer if you have more densely decorated objects in the same room.

5| Abigail Throw

Last but not least, we're including our Abigail Throw on this list.  The Abigail is one of our older styles, based around an elaborately decorated floral medallion.  Even at its smaller scale, the throw includes the whole medallion, giving the elegant nature of this design a hint of adorableness. 

We hope you enjoyed our fun list of "Grandmillenial" picks!  We love that our products can be found trendy by every generation.  Here's to many more years of Bates style!

April 21, 2021 — Adrienne Beacham

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