There are many things that symbolize winter in Maine.  A lot of them we hate to speak of; in the cold, dark months we avoid certain ideas like the plague.   Words such as "snowstorms" "ice" and "below zero" become our "he who must not be named," our "Lord Voldemort." 
We must not forget, however, that there are many cozy and wonderful associations that we have with this season: hot cocoa, cozy fireplaces, and cute mittens and boots all bring us feelings of joy.  One of the winter symbols most near and dear to Mainer's hearts is the evergreen tree.  There is nothing comparable to the scent of pine or the look of dark green under a glittering snow dusting. 
Our Evergreen design plays homage to the ever-present foliage of New England's favorite tree.  It's mid-weight construction makes it the perfect seasonal or holiday bedspread, or for the nature-lover, a year-round addition to the bedroom.  The Evergreen pattern features a flip-flopping arrangement of pine trees and pine cones, with the added interest of diamond boarders.
The Evergreen pattern was released in 2014, but the history of its predecessors takes us further back on the Bates timeline.  The design layout was drawn from our Cape Cod pattern, which also uses the diamond boarder elements.  Our Cape Cod is also a remake of one of the older Bates styles: Litchfield and Litchfield II, pictured below:
Both of these patterns were what is know as a "flat jacquard."  Like the Cape Cod Bedspread today, the Litchfield styles were woven on a jacquard loom.  What makes them "flat" is their weave-- it is one that doesn't incorporate the iconic matelassé "puff," like the Cape Cod and Evergreen do.
December 08, 2015 — Adrienne Beacham

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