Countless time and energy goes into hosting the perfect holiday party. Between the decorations, invitations and food, there is little time left to plan any entertainment.

This year, let us help! Don’t waste your time scouring the Internet for the perfect party games – we have a list already put together for you! Just pick one (or five) and get started!

1 | Paper Plate Art


This game is great for a crowd and very easy to throw together last minute. All you need are paper plates and a pen for each player. Guests will be asked to put the plate on their head and draw a holiday scene step by step. Points are awarded for different aspects of the final drawing. Get full directions here.

2 | Plastic Wrap Gift Ball

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This game is a ball (haha) of fun! The combination of urgency, suspense and prizes has never been more entertaining than this. You can also mix up the rules to make it harder (and more funny!).

3 | Naughty or Nice


Got some Stale Stanley’s in your party crowd? Well, this game will be fun even for them! It’ll take some preparation on your part, but your guests will be sure to get some laughs as they discover who amongst them is naughty, and who is nice.

4 | What’s in the Stocking?


Fill a stocking with random goodies and then seal it shut. Each guest has 1 minute to feel around and guess the items within (they can write as they go, or keep it in memory and jot it down once their turn is over). The person with the most correct guesses wins everything in the stocking! If there is a tie, the person with the most specific answer wins (example: lollipop vs. Tootsie Pop)

5 | What if Santa…?


No winners or losers in this game! First, everyone writes a “What if Santa?” question on a strip of paper. Then, they trade their question with another player. On another strip of paper, they write the answer to the question they received (there are no right or wrong answers here, folks!). Finally, divide the questions and answers into separate piles and have everyone pick one of each. Read the combinations aloud for a good laugh!


Have a favorite party game of your own? Share it in the comments below!

December 23, 2015 — Katie Cloutier

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