With the holidays fast approaching, many of us find ourselves racking our brains for that perfect gift. You keep asking yourself, ‘will they love it?’

This year, don’t sweat it! Get them something you know they’ll love for years to come. Check out our top 10 favorite "gift-able" Bates products below (and with a price tag of under $100, go ahead and get one for yourself too!)

#1 | Hampton Roads Throw


The timeless diamond-quilted pattern of the Hampton Roads Throw is well suited for a wide range of decors. $85

#2 | Americana Throw


Customers appreciate the gender-neutral geometric design and sturdy braid fringe finishing of the Americana. $85

#3 | Seashell Throw


The Seashell Throw boasts a whimsical design of delicate shells, starfish and pebbles that will satisfy their love for the beach until summer rolls back around. $85

#4 | Martha Washington’s Choice Throw


Widely remembered by its former name, George Washington’s Choice, this pattern has been produced right here in Maine for 75 years! $85 Shop Now

#5 | Woodland Bells Throw


New design! Cheerful, chirping chickadees are busy decorating the forest in our new holiday design, Woodland Bells.  Available in limited edition wintergreen or our classic wedgewood blue. $59.99 

#6 | Custom Embroidery


Make your gift stand out with an embroidered personal message. Learn more here. $10

#7 | George Washington’s Choice Blanket


Keep your loved one warm through the holiday season and beyond with the heavyweight George Washington's Choice Blanket, available in a variety of classic colors. Starting at $75

#8 | Cable Weave Blanket


If someone on your list lives in a warmer climate, is hot-blooded or perhaps suffers from hot flashes, consider keeping them comfortable with the lightweight Cable Weave Blanket. Starting at $60

#9 | Spectrum Baby Blanket


Need a gift for that little bundle of joy this holiday season? The Spectrum Baby Blanket is light and breathable with a fun, gender-neutral pallet of soft pastels. $45

#10 | Gift Card


Still not sure? You simply cannot go wrong with a gift card!


There you have it - our top 10 favorites "gift-ables".  Now we want to hear from you!  Share your favorites in the comments below!


November 19, 2015 — Katie Cloutier

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