Snowdrop Cotton Bedspread

$ 150.00



The Snowdrop Bedspread is a classic Bates design that was originally released in the 1940’s. Recovered from the Bates design archive, this midweight hobnail bedspread honors our historical terry weave by utilizing the terry loops as a minimal but effective design element. Though certainly not the most ornate of our traditional cotton bedspreads, the Snowdrop’s simplicity makes its beauty universal.


Weight Class: Midweight Bedspread

Fringe & Finish Details: Finished with fancy knot fringe on three sides. 21 inch drop at the sides and foot (includes fringe), with rounded corners at the foot.

Dimensions (includes fringe):

Twin Bedspread: 80″ x 110″
Full Bedspread: 96″ x 110″
Queen Bedspread: 102″ x 116″
King Bedspread: 118″ x 120″


Made in USA. Machine Wash and Dry. 100% Preshrunk Cotton.

Customer Reviews

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David C.
Vintage Style Bedspread

The Snowdrop bedspread in linen is beautiful and quality outstanding. It has a very 1940's look, just what I wanted. Thank you Bates Mill Store for always delivering the best!!


Love this bedspread. Wedge wood blue was the perfect color for my room. Snowdrop bed spread is light weight and comfortable to sleep under. I also have the snowdrop in white also. Both are very pretty.


 I love the bedspread it’s very well crafted. I did, however trim the corners so the bedspread hung evenly to the floor all the way around I sew so it wasn’t too difficult. I did have to remove the trim and put it back. I’m very pleased with my purchase and it’s beautiful in the room.

Angela Foresteire*Dupont
Made Beautifully in the USA

I just received our Snowdrop Bed spread. Although this is not my first time purchasing from this seller I have to say it’s just as beautiful as the first one. This American made spread is the finest quality. They are so warm and the colors are just as beautiful! These spreads remind me of what my mother used on our beds as children. The best part is they’re made in the USA with unbeatable quality! Thank you, Bates Mill!

Classic, attractive, and durable

I’ve had the white king-size snowdrop bedspread for almost a year now and it’s held up well (despite washing and cat claws). I live in a hot part of the US and it is my bedcover year-round — has just enough weight to feel substantial without leaving me overheated. Plus it ticks several key boxes for me: natural fibers, made in the USA, and machine washable!