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About Our Made in USA Cotton Coverlets

Our cotton coverlets are a great alternative for those seeking the style of a traditional bedspread without the full length coverage.

Unlike our full length bedspreads, which typically fall to the floor, our cotton coverlets have a standard drop of 12”, only coming down part way (for comparison, our classic bedspreads all have a drop of 21”). Traditionally, a coverlet is paired with a bed skirt for full coverage, but a Bates woven coverlet is also a great solution for beds that sit closer to the floor - for example, platform beds.

We offer two different types of woven coverlets, all 100% cotton: Matelasse Coverlets and Terry Coverlets (also known as candlewick or popcorn chenille). All of our coverlets and bedspreads may be paired with matching pillow shams which are sold separately.

​​All of our coverlets are proudly woven and stitched entirely in the USA by our family-owned mill in Maine. 100% Preshrunk Cotton, Machine Wash & Dry.