JULY 2017


It's mid-July, and all the plants in the Monmouth Community Garden are starting to burst!  After a rainy and chilly spring, the weather has blossomed into a string of hot, humid days.  One would think that the high humidity levels would indicate more rain on the horizon, but it never seems to come.  Although the lack of precipitation this season could be concerning for some gardeners, the Monmouth Community Garden has two hoses on site, making watering easy to keep up with.  Thank goodness!  With water available, the plants seem to be thriving in the heat-- especially the peppers.  Can you believe how big those babies are already?



In other news, now we're official: we have a snazzy sign out front!  We're excited to have this new addition in the garden, and hope that it will catch some prospective gardeners' eyes who are interested in participating next season.  Check it out as you drive by (but rubberneck safely, please-- don't go into the ditch!)



Once again, we would like to thank the Bates Mill Store/Maine Heritage Weavers Factory for hosting our garden and providing their constant support.  It's already looking like a plentiful harvest is on the way.

What's growing in your garden this year?  What is your favorite way to enjoy fresh produce?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

July 30, 2017 — Administrative Account

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