It's that time of year again! Whether you're sending your kids off to kindergarten or college, there are some great companies still making quality school supplies and accessories that are guaranteed to please your student for years to come.

Source: Tough Traveler

1. Made in USA Backpack

We love the range of Made in USA backpacks from Tough Traveler. They've been making all sorts of bags in NY since 1970 and are happy to add custom options to your bag (this is one of the advantages of buying direct from a factory!). If your student is middle school or younger, be sure to check out their backpacks for children. If your student is heading to college, check out there regular line of backpacks.

Source: Write Dudes

2. Made in USA Pencils

For your general pencil writing needs, Write Dudes have a great American made option in their USA Gold pencils. These traditional yellow pencils are made in Tennessee and out of sustainably harvested cedar wood.

If your student is an artist, we also recommend checking out The General Pencil Company. They have been making high quality pencils in New Jersey since 1889. With six generations of experience, your artist will appreciate the quality and craft that goes into the pencils that will help them create their own artwork.

Source: Michael Roger

3. Made in USA Notebooks

Family-owned since it was started in 1949, you can expect only the highest quality Made in USA notebooks from the company, Michael Roger. We especially like their line of "Decomposition" Notebooks which are made of 100% post-consumer-waste and come in a variety of beautiful designs. You're sure to find the perfect fit for any student - no matter the age (you may even pick one up for yourself). Visit their website to find a local store near you or you can purchase through their sister store,

Source: Crayola

4. Made in USA Crayons, Markers & More

One of the can't-be-forgotten items on every elementary school list are those that make the days colorful! Crayola has been making their iconic crayons since 1903 and continue to make a variety of their products here in the USA. Check out all their Made in USA crayons, markers, and more here.

5. Made in USA Blankets

If your student is heading to college, you may be exploring twin size bedding options for their dorm room. We have lots of great blanket options in twin sizes that are wonderful options for the top of bed or even for your son or daughter to have an extra layer available for chilly nights in the dorm. Perhaps the best part is that they are all machine washable/dry-able making it easy for your student to clean while away. Check out all our Made in USA Blankets

Do you have any go-to Made in USA supplies on your list? Be sure to share in the comments.

August 09, 2017 — Administrative Account

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