Decorating your home is like perfecting a favorite food dish: You start out with a basic recipe, then creatively tweak it here and there depending on your taste.  We had fun browsing through Dwell Candy's list of common interior design themes to put together this week's blog post.  No matter what you have chosen as the starting "recipe" for your house styling projects, a cotton throw is a versatile, practical, and attractive addition to any room.  Today, we're sharing our own list, pairing our favorite cotton throws with 10 major home decor themes.   

1) Shabby Chic - Martha Washington's Choice Throw

Shabby Chic design is soft, feminine, and vintage.  Our Martha Washington's Choice throw is the perfect pairing, with its classic candlewick weave and time-honored surface patterning.


2) Nautical - Seashell Throw

Being located on a coastal state, we have quite a few designs that tip their hats to this sea-faring approach. Marked by blue and white color schemes and naval-related accessories, this design theme can be boldly adventurous or peacefully cozy.  If you love an organic true to life design, we recommend the Seashell Throw. However, if you prefer more classic geometric designs, you may want to consider the Cape Cod Throw.


3) Rustic - George Washington's Choice Throw

The rustic look honors handcrafted or homespun items and natural textures.  The chunky, heavyweight weave of our George Washington's Choice Throw truly allows the material itself to shine.


4) American Colonial - Abigail Adams Throw

Our Abigail Adams Throw (both in appearance and name) exemplifies the American Colonial decor style, which draws upon the formal and intricate design themes of-- you guessed it-- Colonial America.  This beautiful throw was inspired by the bed coverings that President John Adams himself used while living abroad in France, making it the ideal choice for those who strive to replicate this style.


5) Art Nouveau - Colonial Rose Throw

Art Nouveau is characterized by curving, flowing lines, heavy ornamentation, and stylized floral motifs.  Our Colonial Rose Throw is a fantastic lightweight option which contains all of these elegant, organic design elements.


6) Modern - Cathedral Throw

Possibly one of the most popular current design trends, Modern homes are simple, spacious, hard-edged, professional, and tranquil.  The Cathedral throw features a clean-cut chevron weave which is simultaneously fresh and classic.


7) Art Deco - Dyer's Wynd Throw

The Art Deco room strives to create an atmosphere that, as described by Dwell Candy, "borders on the bombastic."  This design theme calls back to the roaring 20s, and is saturated with luxurious textures and flashy geometrics.  Our Dyer's Wynd Throw would be a great fit here.  With its large and exciting, paisley pattern, it is certainly a piece to be remarked upon.


8) Victorian - Queen Elizabeth Throw

Classy excess characterizes the Victorian style.  The pairing of subtle color schemes with vintage patterns (especially damasks, satins, and florals) gives this design theme a high-end feel.  The Queen Elizabeth Throw design is an authentic reproduction of an original hand-woven masterpiece dating back to the Elizabethan era. Its ornate center medallion and all-around grace makes it a perfect fit for this home design theme.


9) Country Cottage - Americana Throw

Our Americana Throw features an all over pattern of geometric stars, reminiscent of classic quilt patterns. This aspect of it's character fits right in to the Country Cottage decor style, which is cozy, cheerful, and utilitarian.


10) Southwestern - Spirit of America Throw

Inspired by Native American design, the Spirit of America throw features sharp angles and a bold geometric medallion.  This makes it the perfect addition to a home decorated in the Southwestern style, which centers around design themes that reflect the natural environment and traditional heritage of the American Southwest.

What style of home decor is your favorite?  Or do you prefer an eclectic mix?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

March 14, 2017 — Administrative Account


Margaret Campbell said:

I was excited to read your Cotton Throws for Every Home Decor Style March 14, 2017 04:24 article. I love your beautiful products. My husband and I plan to retire out West to the desert. You have given me the answer to how I could incorporate your products into a Southwest design in keeping with an American tradition (Bates Mill). Thank you very much for keeping the Bates Mill operational. I appreciate your great hard work and exceptional product!!!



janet k. look said:

I live in an 840 square foot cottage. my bedroom has a full size 25 inch drop antique Australian white with brass wrought iron bed frame with headboard and foot board. the bedroom is painted sand. the headboard is ornamented with rosette mirrors. I live in seattle and would like to use the bed covering from spring through fall. do I need a bedspread or a coverlet. which pattern would compement such an ornate bed? the drapes are ticking, taupe and light cream.

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