Behind the Blanket: Maine Cabin Masters Makes a Bedspread May 1, 2019 10:31 3 Comments

Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome the designer from Maine Cabin Masters, Ashley, into our facility to find a bedspread for one of their historical cabin renovations.

For those of you not familiar with the show, Maine Cabin Masters (airs on DIY Network on Mondays at 9pm EST) features cabin renovation projects that are led from start to finish by brother-sister duo, Chase & Ashley. They travel throughout the state with their local team of builders breathing life back into cabins in need of some fixing up.

For a recent local renovation in Gardiner, they were tasked with renovating a historical cabin back to its original state in the episode, "A Legacy Preserved" that featured one of our most historic bedspreads, Martha Washington's Choice. Ashley not only came to us to find the perfect period-bedspread to feature in the cabin, but she also wanted to dive in to make it herself. We had a blast showing Ashley our process, and it was a great opportunity for viewers to see the work that goes into every cabin renovation that they do.

We hope you enjoy taking a tour "behind the blanket" through the photos below. 


These first two images show our warp tender, Rene, demonstrating to Ashley how we prep the yarn for the looms. When we first receive yarn, it is on small cones which we must prepare for weaving by winding it onto large steel spools, called warps.

The next step is to actually weave the bedspreads on the looms. Below, you'll see a few images of our lead weaver, Dot, showing Ashley how the looms work.


Once the material has been woven, it is then cut and stitched. Below, one of our stitchers, Diane, shows Ashley how we finish the bedspreads with fringe.

Once the bedspreads are stitched, they are sent to the washroom and then onto inspection where they are folded and packaged. 

To see the rest of how the bedspread was made, be sure to tune into one of the upcoming airings of this episode: A Legacy Preserved

Thanks again to the MCM team for visiting us!