Textiles surround us in our everyday life.  In fact, many of us are using a textile right now simply by being dressed. The towel you dried off with this morning?  A textile. The sheets you slept under last night? Textiles. Maybe even the chair you’re sitting on at this very moment has a textile covering.  Whatever role they play in your life today, know that textiles have been a part of human culture for centuries.

In Maine, textiles have played an integral part in shaping our states demographic, culture and even landscape.  This was mostly due to the large scale manufacturing of textiles, but Merrymeeting Arts Center in Bowdoinham also appreciates textiles as one of the many forms of art that can enlighten and enrich our lives everyday.

This summer (May 5th - August 15th) they will be hosting a new exhibit called “Loom”.  The exhibit features the textile works of the late Luke MacFadyen and Delaney Bullock.  Luke and Delaney both learned to weave at the Putney School in Vermont, some thirty years apart. They met last summer and were planning on working together to help Delaney continue her weaving while attending Bowdoin College, where Luke worked as a chef. Sadly, their partnership was cut short by Luke’s sudden death. This exhibit brings together examples of their work.

We attended the opening reception on May 5th and will provide a sneak peak in the pictures below:

Blankets designed by Claudia Brahms and Luke for Brahm Mount Textiles, a Maine-based textile manufacturer.

A textile designed by  Delaney, a student at Bowdoin College.

Vests designed by Luke while studying at Boston University Program in Artisanry.

Visitors enjoying the music, food and company at the opening reception for "Loom".


We encourage you to visit the Merrymeeting Arts Center this summer and experience this exhibit for yourselves.  If you've already visited, share your favorite part in the comments below!


May 29, 2019 — Administrative Account

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