We love looking to the past for design inspiration - especially around the holidays! In this blog post, we round up five of our favorite vintage holiday decorations, and the best part, we found where you can get them again (new or vintage!). Whether these items bring you back to your childhood or you love the feel of a vintage holiday, we hope you enjoy checking out these festive blasts from the past.

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1. Aluminum Christmas Tree Illuminated with Color Wheel

The Aluminum Christmas Tree was first introduced in the 1950s (during World War II, all metal was used for the war so even the hanging part of traditional ornaments was made from paper versus metal!). Illuminated by a color wheel, these festive trees were quite popular until 1965 when A Charlie Brown Christmas depicted them as the symbol of the commercialization of Christmas. They've since made a comeback as a fun vintage throwback holiday decoration. 

Where to buy?

New Tinsel Tree & Color Wheel

Vintage Aluminum Christmas Trees (Tip: There are also some vintage color wheels, but you're probably better off buying one of these new as the electronic components seem to not stand the test of time as well as the actual trees!)

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2. Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas Trees became popular in the 1960s and 1970s when ceramics was a popular hobby. During that time, there were lots of local pottery shops across the country where folks would go for classes (like paint night today!) and as molds became bigger and most sophisticated, the Ceramic Christmas Tree became possible. Now, these vintage decorations are some of the most cherished of Grandma's holiday hand me downs.

Where to buy?

Make Your Own Ceramic Christmas Tree Kit

New Ceramic Christmas Tree

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

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3. Indented Bauble Ornaments

Indented Bauble Ornaments first came to be during the Victorian Times as they were created to reflect the candlelight of the Christmas Tree (hard to fathom actual candles on a tree these days!). They became popular again in the 1950s before less ornate decorations became more on trend. 

Where to buy?

New Indented Ornaments

Vintage Indented Ornaments

4. German Smoker Incense Burners

German smokers are actually incense burners and became popular in the 19th century when smoking started to become socially acceptable. They were made by the same toymakers that made their more famous Nutcracker counterparts. For the smokers, the craftsmen made everyday figures like hunters, peddlers with toys (see photo above), chimney sweeps and bakers. Typically, Nutcrackers depicted officials versus folks from everyday life. Today, you can find many smokers that are more traditional Christmas themes like Santas and Snowmen.

Where to buy?

New German Smoker Incense Burners

Vintage German Smoker Incense Burner

Source: Q is for Quandie

5. Finial Topper

Finial Tree Toppers were especially popular in the 1960s. These are often simple glass tree toppers with ornate features that replaced more traditional tree toppers like stars and angels. Collectors often like to feature them not on just the top of the tree but as sets on mantles and other surfaces.

Where to buy?

New Finial Tree Toppers

Vintage Finial Tree Toppers

Have your own favorite vintage Christmas decorations? Be sure to share in the comments!
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