As the days get shorter and the air outside gets cooler, we often reach for an extra layer of warmth not only for ourselves but also for our beds. In this article, we review why our cotton bedspreads are the perfect choice for all seasons.


Whether you're looking for a heavyweight bedspread or an added layer with a cotton blanket for the cooler months, cotton is a fantastic option compared to other fabrics when it comes to comfort. Cotton is a natural and breathable material that is comfortable against the skin that provides warmth without the itchy feel that can be felt with wool or synthetic materials.


Well-made cotton bedspreads can last decades when properly cared for. Bates coined the slogan, "Loomed to be Heirloomed," in the mid 20th century to describe the Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread (then called, "George Washington's Choice"). The Bates marketers from the 1950s are continued to be proven right as we get messages from customers who still have their bedspreads from the 1950s or who may have inherited one from their parents or grandparents. We're proud to continue this tradition of quality into the 21st century.


Cotton bedspreads are often easy to care for at home - being machine washable and often times dry-able as well. Wool typically requires dry cleaning or a special wash cycle to avoid shrinkage. In the case of our Bates bedspreads and blankets, they are all preshrunk in our factory and machine wash and dry for easy at home care.

Which Cotton bedspread is Right for Me?

When considering which bedspread is right for you, we recommend considering weave, weight and style/design. The style/design and weave varies the construction of the bedspread but is really a personal preference. The design and weave of the bedspread really doesn't affect the warmth as much as the weight.

Please see a helpful table below that splits up our cotton bedspread styles by weight and weave:

Product Weight Classification Styles by Weave Collection

Matelasse Bedspreads: Heritage, Colonial Rose

Terry Bedspreads: New England Tradition

Cotton Blankets: Cable Weave Blanket


Matelasse Bedspreads: Seashell, Dyer's Wynd, Americana, Lisa's Choice


Matelasse Bedspreads: Abigail Adams, Queen Elizabeth, Tuscany, Hampton Roads, Cape Cod

Terry Bedspreads: Martha Washington's Choice, Spirit of America, John Adams

Cotton Blankets: George Washington's Choice








October 20, 2015 — Bianca Cloutier

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