Update Your Outdoor Space | 8 Made in USA Items for Your Lawn & Patio May 27, 2015 11:27 2 Comments

When Spring first arrives, we are usually pretty excited to wave goodbye to Old Man Winter. Then it hits us. We have a ton of work to do in order to get our outdoor space ready for the dog days of Summer. 

To help make things a bit easier on you, we put together a list of items to spruce up your lawn and patio. Bonus: they are all Made in America, which we love!

1 | Adirondack Chair

These classic chairs are basically a way of life here in New England. You’ll typically find them strategically placed in such a way that a person can appear to be innocently relaxing while in actuality they are spying on neighbors and passersby.


2 | Bird Bath

No angry birds here! Only, clean & well-hydrated birds will do. Made from Ohio-mined clay, fired into stoneware and hand-painted, the Clay Zanesville Bird Bath is the only clay bird bath produced entirely in the USA.

3 | Fire Pit

The Backyard Firefly Fire Pit is both attractive and revolutionary! Its unique vertical design allows for consistent air draft that keeps the fire hot and reduces smoke production. The smoke that does manage to escape floats up and away, so you’ll no longer need to play musical chairs around the fire…. unless you want to.

4 | Planter

One of the most obvious ways to dress up an outdoor space is to incorporate plants & flowers. The My Little Garden Barrel helps you do this while saving on space. Fill it with decorative flowers or even grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs.


5 | Seat Cushions

Revamp your old patio furniture with a new set of cushions. The transformation will be amazing. If you need a funky size or want a super unique design, Laurie Bell makes custom outdoor seat cushions in a variety of styles and colors.


6 | Pink Flamingos

The sheer tackiness of the Pink Flamingo lawn ornament is also its greatest strength. We may not want to admit it, but we all have the inner desire to own one. The question is, are you cool enough to pull it off?


7 | Privacy Screen

In case you want to own Pink Flamingos but aren’t ready to go public, we recommend the Andover Privacy Screen. Plant vines to grow up it for ultimate secrecy.


8 | Cable Weave Blanket

When the fire and a romantic novel are just not enough to keep you warm, you’ll be glad to have a Cable Weave Blanket to curl up with. They are also easy to clean, so you won’t mind too much if it brushes the patio floor.


Do you already have any of these items or do you have recommendations for others? Let us know in the comments below.