Congratulations Graduates: 4 Great Gifts for Grads that are Made in USA May 18, 2015 07:34 1 Comment

Graduation marks a time when we celebrate achievement and look to the future with renewed confidence. Give the graduates in your life a gift that not only crowns this achievement but will also give them something that will remind them of their accomplishment (and your love!) for years to come.

Check out our list of 4 great gift ideas that are all made here in America - guaranteeing you something that will endure time as well as share a story of hard work and dedication like your graduate.

Source: J.W. Hulme Company Website

1. Passport Case

The J.W. Hulme Company has been making leather goods since 1905. Their skilled craftsmen create beautiful items out of leather sourced from a handful of states in the US. Give your traveling graduate their Passport Wallet and customize it with their initials. It's guaranteed to last a lifetime and every time they pull that passport out, they'll remember you as well as how they got to where they are in that moment.

Source: Shinola Website

2. Wrist Watch

We may all be hearing about the Apple Watch but nothing says style like a classic American-made wrist watch. Show your graduate the importance of timeliness as well as the strong impression this classic presents on the street and in the board room. Shinola, a Detroit-based manufacturer, makes watches that beautifully represent the manufacturing prowess and Motown roots that make Detroit special both historically and today. Available for women and men. Shop Shinola Watches.

Source: Leatherbound Book Works Website

3. Have Their Hard Work Published

Whether it's an undergraduate thesis or a doctoral candidate's dissertation, give them a way to make their hard work last for generations to come. Custom leather binders like Leatherbound Book Works in North Carolina have extensive experience in publishing all types of writing and works.

4. Woven Throw to Match Their Passion

The Bates Mill Store features more than 10 throws that vary in design from the classic floral patterns to more modern geometric patterns. Give them a gift that reflects their passion and your love - that will also last generations. Shop our Throw Collection now.

Have other ideas for great American gifts for graduates? Share in the comments below.