Halloween is just around the corner and what is more fun than getting crafty and decorating your home. Check out our top ten fabric crafts that we gathered from across the web - one we even made ourselves!


Bates Tested, Bates Approved: Fabric Pumpkins


These festive pumpkins are not only fun to make but look great wherever you put them. The best part? The never-ending compliments, and how did you do that? Learn how to make your own Fabric Pumpkins.

Ghoulish Feather Wreath

Who said that wreaths are only for Christmas-time? Certainly not us. These feather wreaths are the perfect way to set up the welcome trick or treaters will be expecting come October 31st. Learn how to make a feather wreath here.

Halloween from Head to Toe


Is your child the type that lives and breaths Halloween? Whether they want to wear their costume every day for the whole month of October or can’t keep their hands out of the treat bowl, we have a great craft to bring some more subtle flair to their favorite holiday! Check out these cute Halloween Firecracker Bows. They’re fun to make and even more fun to wear!

Black Cat Goodie Bag

Is your favorite part of Halloween handing out treats or making goodie bags for the little ones in your life? Either way, you’ll love putting together fun gift bags that will last for Halloweens to come. Learn how to make a Black Cat Goodie Bag.

Plush Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Basket

If you’re the do it yourself type, you’ll love this fabric version of the classic pumpkin trick-or-treat basket. This fun basket doubles as a great treat bowl for your table, coffee table or desk through the entire fall season - especially Thanksgiving! Learn how to make this Fabric Pumpkin Basket.

Halloween Mummy Pencil Holder Craft

Perhaps the easiest craft to complete on our list, this fun pencil holder will bring some festive life (or afterlife?) to any desk. Perfect for teachers and also a great projects for the classroom. Learn how to make this cute Halloween Mummy Pencil Holder.

Movable Wings Upcycled Owls


These fun owls give you a lot of opportunity to get creative. From the fabric base to the adornments, consider it fall’s version of a fabric snowman. Also the perfect decoration to keep up through Thanksgiving. Learn how to make Upcycled Fabric Paper Owls.

October 24, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier

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