Bates on Location is a new blog series that puts a spotlight on lodging in Maine. In this series, Bates Mill Store will travel to charming inns and quaint bed and breakfasts around the state to give our readers an inside perspective on these more intimate sectors of the hospitality industry. We hope our visits will inspire you to take a trip to our beautiful state or maybe even give you some ideas on unique ways to bring a little bit of Maine style into your home.

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BATES ON LOCATION | Rise and Shine Bed and Breakfast

We begin our series quite close to home in Monmouth, Maine. Just several miles from our factory and the center of town, perched on an elevated hillside we find the Rise & Shine Bed and Breakfast. Overlooking the rural landscape, this property has a rich history as part of the Woolworth family estate made famous by their five-and-dime success. The fact that the building sits lengthwise to the road contributes to its’ grand appearance – but guests will find that a majority of that square footage is an antique horse barn.

We head up the slender driveway with trees to our left and an open pasture to our right. At the top, a hand-painted sign tells us where to park and we do so. Now out of our vehicle, we can smell the colorful flowers that seem to be strategically and at the same time indiscriminately placed throughout the courtyard. A manicured outdoor sitting area and an unassuming fountain are calling our name, but we have work to do.


Pictured above: Outdoor Tea Garden | Hampton Roads Throw

Inside, we meet the innkeepers, Lorette and Tom. Together, they have completely restored the old farmhouse, which had been neglected for years before they purchased it with the dream of owning their own bed and breakfast. Looking around, you could never tell that there were once vines growing into the walls and out of the fixtures.

Lorette is full of ambition and seems overjoyed to show us around the property while Tom tackles various innkeeper tasks. With her two polite canine companions in tow, we make our way from room to room. Each space has its’ own unique theme and inspired name.

The Garden Room is on the first level and shares a bathroom with the conjoining Cottage Room – perfect for families. Being an artist, Lorette has painted scenic murals on the walls of both rooms. She says the inspiration for all of her design and décor is “Grandma’s house” – a place where people can feel welcome and at ease.


Pictured above: Garden Room | Americana Bedspread

In the Captains’ Room on the second floor, we find ourselves surrounded by a whimsical coastal theme. If we use our imaginations, we can see the ocean outside the window. In actuality, the body of water we’re seeing sparkle in the distance is Lake Cobbossee – one of the many picturesque lakes adorning this region of Maine.


Pictured Above: Captains’ Room | Dyer’s Wynd Bedspread

As we enter the Sunshine Room, we immediately understand the origin of its’ name. The space is filled with warm sunlight that bounces off the yellow walls in the best way. There is a large private bath with the added feature of an oversized massage shower. Guests staying in this room will find no difficulty letting their stress go out the window.


Pictured Above: Sunshine Room | Martha Washington’s Choice Coverlet

In all, our tour takes us through 9 distinctive guest rooms, a spacious common living area, a cozy sitting room and gorgeous outdoor patio – every space offering up a delightfully relaxing country view. At the end, Lorette invites us for coffee in the dining room and we jump at the opportunity to stay a bit longer.

Tom graciously serves up a basket of his famous blueberry muffins, made with plump local berries. Needless to say, they don’t last long. Coffee is served into decorative mugs from a matching teapot, which takes center stage at the table to provide easy access for second pours.

As has come to be expected, we enjoy the gorgeous view of Lake Cobbossee through an oversized, bright window. Lorette tells us of the events they frequently coordinate at the bed and breakfast. Recently, they had an Elvis impersonator come to entertain guests on the outdoor patio. These types of events are open to the public and always include a catered dinner paired with exceptional entertainment.

Before we leave, we ask to take some pictures in the Outdoor Tea Garden. Working together with Lorette’s artistic eye and Toms’ natural creativity, we snapped some great shots!


Pictured above: Outdoor Tea Garden | Dyer’s Wynd Throw

Shortly after, it was time to part ways. Tom and Lorette seamlessly fell back into their duties as innkeepers, preparing for an upcoming wedding event and we made our way back to the factory.

The Rise and Shine Bed and Breakfast is a place that encourages you to wake up and enjoy the day. Whether you spend your stay relaxing on the property or you venture out to enjoy the surrounding area, you are sure to check out with a full stomach and a smile on your face.





October 20, 2014 — Katie Cloutier

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