It's the peak of wedding season here in the US - which means it's also the peak of anniversary season as well. If you're looking for a special gift for that special couple or your spouse, perhaps one of the ideas we suggest below could be a unique way to commemorate the special occasion.

1. Decorative Throws

Decorative Throws are perfect for any room in the home as they are great both for classing things up as well as keeping you warm on cool nights. If the wedding takes place on the beach, consider the Seashell Throw from the Matelassé Collection as a way to remind them of walking down that sandy aisle. Or, if they were married in a vineyard, perhaps Tuscany will be the perfect way to illicit memories of the big day for decades to come.

2. Classic Candlewick Bedspread

When Bates first introduced the George Washington Bedspread in 1940, it instantly became a tradition for a newlywedded couple to receive one as a wedding gift. Incredibly, many of these couples still have theirs today and pass it through their family as a cherished heirloom. Consider continuing this lovely tradition with this classic style bedspread known today as the Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread.

3. Loom Woven Blanket

For that couple that loves to snuggle up next to the fire, perhaps a classic loom woven blanket will be the perfect way to keep them warm in the evening. Consider the Cable Weave Blanket for a lightweight accessory that is perfect for warmer climates or a George Washington's Choice Blanket that is of a heavier weight with a variety of colors available.


No matter what you choose, the special couple or your own better half will be delighted to open your unique gift on their big day. It is something they will cherish that will remind them of their wedding day or anniversary (and you!) for generations to come.

July 08, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier

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