Every week, we get a handful of emails from folks inquiring about the value of their Bates Bedspreads that they may have had since the 1960s, inherited from a loved one, or purchased at an estate sale. In this post, we hope to help shed some light on how to look up the value of these historic woven goods.

We’ll first begin with a quick history lesson on Bates. The Bates Manufacturing Company was started in Lewiston, Maine in 1850 by Benjamin Bates. The first Bates Bedspread was not actually woven until 8 years later in 1858. It wouldn’t be until 1940 that the famous textile company would introduce its most renowned style: George Washington’s Choice (a distinct candlewick bedspread that is now called the “Martha Washington's Choice.”

Over the last 150 years, Bates has produced an incredible variety of bedspreads - some of which are still produced today by Maine Heritage Weavers, a legacy company of Bates that was started by former Bates employees in 2002. When it comes to determining the value of these priceless artifacts from yesteryear, it’s important to note that as with the value of any antique or collectible, the monetary value at the end of the day (in terms of what could possibly be realized by a seller) is not always reflected in the price met between buyer and seller. One can set a value of x dollars, however, that does not guarantee that the owner of a bedspread will be able to find a buyer at that price.

When determining the value of Bates Bedspreads, we recommend a couple different methods: 
  • Contact a Local Antique Dealer: The first method is to contact a local antique dealer (especially one that specializes in textiles) and bring your bedspread to them to be appraised. 
  • Browse Current Auction Prices: One great online resource to check current prices of antique bedspreads is to peruse online auction sites such as ebay.com, rubylane.com, or tias.com.
  • Books on Antiques and Collectibles: It may be the old-fashioned way, but it works. You can either head to your local library, online bookseller or local book store to find books that specialize in American textiles. 

It is important to note is that when it comes to valuing antiques, you may find a hard value, but this value can vary greatly depending on the condition of your personal item.

If you’re more interested in hearing the back story and not a straight value, that may be something that we can help you with as many of the background stories are still chatted about in our factory halls. Feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page or in the comments below, and hopefully, we can at least share the knowledge we have about your Bates Bedspread.

Lastly, if you're interested in purchasing a new Bates Bedspread, several styles are still being woven with the same quality and weight by Maine Heritage Weavers in Monmouth, Maine today:

July 07, 2014 — Bianca Cloutier


Sandi said:

I inherited my mother’s Bates GW Choice bedspread when she passed. She also had the Registration for Original Ownership, dated Aug. 10, 1954. The bedspread number is EC 64W. Just kind of cool.

Mary Humbert said:

My Bates bedspread has this in the sewn on tag
Choice. (Trademark symbol)
“Loomed To Be Heirloomed”
Queen Size

When did the name change to Martha Washington’s Choice?
I am trying to age for sale info.

Thanks so much!

Barbara said:

How do you read the “pedigree” for size, style, year of production and loom number on a Bates Loomed to be Heirloomed bedspread that is stamped on opposite corner of the Bates sewn on tag?

Fran said:

My mother in law also has a George Washington bedspread in the original box. It’s a 50th anniversary edition with the certificate of ownership registration #23851. Can you give me some idea of value. Double bed size. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Pam Berger said:

My bedspread is off white or cream in color. It is a George Washington Choice. It is Chenille and has a flower pattern around with triangle shapes also. In the center there is a sun type pattern with a vase on each side. In the center in each corner are hearts. Can you tell me the year this pattern was made?

beth yerex said:

my mother mrs ethel Dickson registered her “Newport Eagle” bedspread number B17D limited edition by the preservation society of Newport date; October 20 1964 . she left the bedspread and bed to me when she passed. I would like to know it’s worth .

Martha said:

Have a red bates bedspread , never seen the color before. Scene is winter skiing, ice skating.designs are white. Value?

Sharon Aday said:

I am the “keeper” of a beautiful bedspread….. I also have a “Registration for Original Ownership” by Bates Fabrics, Inc for a Bates heirloomed bedspread, “George Washinton’s Choice, number BA 17H….. This was certified that Mrs. B. C. Hilton was registered as the original owner…. Dated. September 8, 1950
Could you please tell me the worth of this….. It’s looks just like it came from the factory….

Thank You
Sharon Aday

Nancy Pivec said:

I hope you can help me find out what the numbers etched in the chenille indicate? I see D or B 28. This is on a George/Martha Washington’s choice spread – in Queen size. Ican’t find anything on those on the internet.

I’m trying to date the spread, which is lovely! Heavy and spotless. Just wondering if the new spreads get those numbers or if this one may be from the 1940’s It has the tag which has Loomed to become Heirloomed and the name and is Antique Ivory.
Please let me know if you have any information to share on this piece of history.
Thank you very much!

Nancy Pivec

Cindy mcclain said:

I purchased a George washington choice chenille bedspread , registration number is 337490. Purchased at estate sale from 93 year old owner. Could you tell me the value? Thanks Cindy

Linda hayes said:

I have some linens that were given to me a long time ago. I just noticed a tablecloth with a bates mill tag on it. I didnt know Bates ever made tablecloths. How long ago was that ?

Cherie said:

I have a white “Loomed to be Heirloomed” "George Washington’s Choice bedspread with the Registration for Original Ownership. It states that my aunt was the original owner of the “George Washington’s Choice,” number KE 69 S bedspread. The registration for original ownership is dated Jan. 16, 1956 and signed y the president of Bates Fabrics. It is difficult to read the signature, maybe, Geo.w. Aufd________?. Please provide any info you can concerning cost at purchase, current value,(looks to be in perfect condition) or any other pertinent information available,

Thank you in advance.

James said:

Found a George Washington’s Coice in my wife’s effects. Really good condition. Time to do research.

Carole McNish said:


My Mom recently passed and I found (still in the original box) and never been used a George Washington’s Choice Bedspread. It has a Certificate of Original Ownership with the Registration Number No. 317929.

Can you please provide me with some information. Do you know when it was made, the price when purchased and the possible value today?

Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.

Carole McNish

Dianne said:

I was wondering when the “George Washington”s Choice" spread was renamed “Martha Washington’s Choice” and why. Mine was still in The original box, original tissue, registration card and all, in perfect condition. It is the double antique. Absolutely gorgeous! The box has 2000 S.F. I have no clue what numbers mean. Any help would b appreciated. I’m sure you folks weary of answering these same questions repeatedly, but I do appreciate it.

Dorothy Kline said:

Cleaning out my Mom’s house and found my Grandmom"s Bate’s white bedspread with the following PAT 4, BATES 179 12 112. What does it mean? It has no holes; what is it worth?
Thank you

Susan said:

I inherited a George Washington’s Choice full size bed spread from my Grandmother. It has never been out of the box and I am not sure she ever registered it. The registration number is 400886. Any information would be appreciated.

Kimberly Anderson said:

I inherited one of your beautiful bedspreads for my grandmother . It is light medium blue nautical with red lines on it that contain iwhite anchors & ship wheels The overall light and medium blue contain ships i& the ship steering wheel in a bigger print. I tried to send a photo but cannot find a way to do that . I love it! what can you tell me about it? Anything you can tell me I would deeply appreciate .

Kimberly Anderson

Denise said:

Hello again. Your site says average full size is 96". Is that including the fringe?

Denise Haberthuer said:

I have a registration of ownership and registration number AP 8 B
It says only a limited number of them have been made and my mothers name ( Mrs. Bernhard Banet) for a George Washington Choice and is dated Dec. 9, 1949.

My questions are:

Does this registration add to the value? I have looked on eBay and have never seen anything about registration.

2000 SF is written on the box. What does this mean?

Does heirloom mean anything as far as value goes?

Thank you for your patience in answering questions you hear all the time.


Denise Haberthuer

kathleen said:

I own an heirloom bedspread I believe is Bates from 1800s. It is marked with Pat. I followed by a crown logo, then 192. Below that are
55 14. These last numbers are separated as I have tried to show. My primary interest is authentication more
than value. The spread has been much used but is still sturdy. It is snow white, heavy cotton with a design of vines.This is not chenille. Not sure of technique used for vines but I think they’re machine woven into spread. I’d appreciate any information.

Merrie said:

My bedspread has this sewn on to the edge. What do these numbers mean?
Thank you

L8 BATES 3135

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