Winters in Maine can be long and cold, but when the snow blankets our small town, it can turn into a beautiful winter wonderland. We hope you enjoy taking a winter walk through our small town with our designer, Adrienne, who walks Main Street just about every day regardless of the weather. 

Our first stop is our front yard. Freshly plowed after one of the many snow storms we've received this year. Now, out to Main Street we go!


Our next stop takes us to the most famous building in our town, Cumston Hall. Built in 1900, Cumston Hall was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Today, it houses the local library and a beautiful theater in which local companies perform a variety of plays throughout the year.

Right next to Cumston, we find the Monmouth Center Cemetery. Like many small towns in New England, cemeteries dot the countryside reminding those who pass by of the folks who came before them that shaped the communities of today.

A few more steps down the road, we'll find the Monmouth Museum (Adrienne's daily turnaround spot!). The Museum comprises several buildings that walk you not just through the town's history but also through life in rural Maine throughout the past few centuries. 


On the way back to the mill, Adrienne always stops for a fresh hot cup of coffee at the Monmouth General Store. General stores are common fixtures in communities throughout New England including our own.

We hope you enjoyed a walk through our winter wonderland, but if it made you miss the warmer months, be sure to take a look back at our blog post featuring the community garden we host each growing season here. Spring will be here before we know it!

February 18, 2019 — Administrative Account


Amanda Cantrell said:

Lovely! What beautiful buildings and historical treasures!

vivian traynor said:

I try not to spend alot of time thinking back on what has passed, but this brought back some wonderful memories, of my childhood in a small town in P.A . Thank you for sharing.

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