Shabby chic is an interior design style which became popular more than 20 years ago, ushered in, many say, by Rachel Ashwell - owner of Shabby Chic Couture.  In her blog, Ashwell says that her inspiration for shabby chic came from a desire to create a space of imperfect beauty, comfort, quality, and timelessness.

Traditionally, this design style will have romantic undertones and feature soft colors, floral prints and vintage furnishings.  However, decorators everywhere have been putting their own personal spin on what it means to be “shabby chic”.

Source | Olivia’s Romantic Home

The combination of off-white and soft pink shades give this room a romantic edge.  The use of fresh flowers is also a common shabby-chic element and is an easy way to change up your space periodically.

Source | From My Front Porch to Yours

A basement bedroom turned into a shabby-chic getaway!  Notice the use of ornate mirrors with the frames painted white - a classic shabby-chic design touch.  A super plush bed, also seen here, is a common feature that can easily be personalized to your own taste.

Source | Shabby Chic Paw Prints

The choice of color in this room adds a fun twist to traditional shabby-chic design.  It’s a great example of how to blend bold, modern colors with vintage elements.  Chandeliers, like the ones seen here, are also a fun way personalize your shabby-chic space.

Source | Ruby Lane Blog

The kitchen shown here makes use of the two most popular colors in shabby-chic design, white and ecru.  Another classic “rule” of this interior design style is to decorate with items that are actually useful (as opposed to simple knick-knacks).  You can see evidence of this, here, as actual kitchen utensils are on display as decorative pieces.

Source | Creating A Life

Although blogger Jeanette doesn’t personally describe her style as shabby chic, the vintage furniture and color pallet in this picture can certainly transcend into the category.  This picture also provides strong inspiration on how to incorporate a Bates Bedspread (in this case, Queen Elizabeth) into vintage or shabby chic interior design!

If you have a shabby-chic design tip, please share it in the comments below.

August 29, 2016 — Administrative Account


Belle Escape said:

The dining room image is lovely – not overdone, just a sweet, intimate space for daily living. The french shabby chic round dining table is just the right size and color for the space. Well Done!

Sandra Hexner said:

It’s time to start remodeling our new home! I’m so excited to get started in the living room. Your note of color rings true for my husband because he loves the shabby chic look, but doesn’t like white. The choice of color is going to be key for us because we want very bold and modern colors.

Creating a Life said:

Thank you for including me!

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