The year was 1942:  The United States of America had just entered the second World War.  Casablanca premiered in theaters.  Instant coffee could be found for the first time in kitchen cabinets.  Bing Crosby released the classic song "White Christmas," and the cost of a stamp was 3.  But what was Bates up to, 74 years ago, in the summer of '42?  Below are a few fun, illustrative photos from a Bates catalog distributed during that time.  

Loomed to Be Heirloomed
Back To School!
All the college-bound kids were probably faaar from being ready to head back to study land, but Bates was ready to catch their eyes with new bedspread and drape sets for dorm rooms.  Advertised as "standard equipment for collage," "rugged and right!" and "as much a campus must as textbooks," it's no wonder that 86% of undergraduates brought their Bates to school!
Bates 1942 Catalog Page
More Products
In an effort to increase sales during war-time, Bates introduced a variety of new products to appeal to those on the home front.  Knitting for "boys in the Services" became a huge movement, and Bates didn't ignore it: three varieties of Bates knitting bags graced store shelves.  In addition, one could purchase a Bates "Carry-All" shopping bag ("Americans are carrying their share for victory!"), a Bates laundry bag ("these bags save many a housewife!"), or a Bates beach bag ("effectively displayed, these bags are as good as sold!).
Bates 1942 Beach Bags
It isn't summer without a good ol' barbecue with family and friends, and Bates knew that!  They had the "smartest looking barbecue cloth of the new season" and checkerboard alpine table covers in two bright colors.  Because you even have to ask? "What's the fun of beer-- without atmosphere?!"
Bates 1942 BBQ
Bates 1942 Summer
We hope you enjoyed this little romp into Bates past!  If you are interested in learning more about Bate Mill Store and our company story, we've got lots to tell.
We are always collecting stories from people who have had our bedspreads for a long, long time.  If you have one to share, please let us know in the comments below!
July 22, 2016 — Adrienne Beacham

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