We love welcoming our many visitors that make the trip to Maine during the summer! If you're planning on making the trip up to our small town of Monmouth, we encourage you to add one (or all!) of the following places to you itinerary. 

1. Apple Valley Bakery - 829 Main Street ~ Monmouth, ME 04259

The Apple Valley Bakery is just a few minutes from our mill and is a great place to stop for a delicious pastry, donut or cup of coffee. We recommend anything that catch your eye - you'll be pleased with your choice. There are a few tables to enjoy your pick inside. To check their hours (closed Mondays) and to see some photos of their creations, visit the Apple Valley Bakery Facebook Page.

Source: Theater at Monmouth

2. Cumston Hall | The Shakespearean Theater of Maine - 796 Main Street ~
Monmouth, ME 04259

One of Monmouth's architectural and cultural icons is Cumston Hall. The building was constructed in 1899 and was added to the National Register of Historic Buildings in 1976. Throughout each summer, a collection of classic Shakespearean plays are performed by local and visiting actors. Tickets are available on the Theater at Monmouth website.

Source: Brian Kent vis Kennebec Land Trust

3. Mount Pisgah Fire Trail

If you enjoying hiking or have your pup with you, we encourage you to take a trip up Mount Pisgah. We recommend the shorter Tower Hike (0.7 miles one way) to get to the top where you can climb up the Fire Tower (no longer in use) for incredible panoramic views of the area. For a map and details on how to get to the trailhead, visit the Mount Pisgah Fire Trail website.

Source: Tori Lee Jackson Photography via Jack Traps Facebook Page

4. Jack Traps 151 Ridge Road ~ Monmouth, ME 04259

If you love fishing, you may recognize the name "Jack Traps." Jack Traps is America's premier manufacturer of ice fishing traps and happen to also be located in Monmouth. We encourage you to check out their factory store where all their traps are made and to also get the best local fishing advice if you plan to get some time on the water. For store hours, visit the Jack Traps website.

Source: Grateful Grain Brewing Company Facebook page

5. Grateful Grain Brewing Company - 26 Rt. 126 ~ Monmouth, ME 04259

The best way to wrap up a day of visiting is a nice cold locally-brewed beer at the Grateful Grain Brewing Company. Recently opened in 2018, the brewery has become one of Monmouth's most popular places to visit. Be sure to check out the Grateful Grain Brewing Company Facebook page for their operating hours (Friday-Sunday) and to see events they may be having (live music, food trucks, etc).

Source: Chalky & Company Facebook Page

6. Chalky & Company Headquarters - 1111 Main Street ~ Monmouth, ME 04259

Another wonderful family-owned business whose doors are open for visitors is Chalky & Company. Located just a minute down the road from us, Chalky & Company is a great place to visit if you love crafting and getting creative. For hours and to learn about their newest releases, be sure to visit them on the Chalky & Company Facebook Page before planning your trip. 

7. Monmouth Museum - 749 Main Street ~ Monmouth, ME 04259

If you love history, you'll love visiting the Monmouth Museum. Located right on Main Street nearby Cumston Hall, the Monmouth Museum houses artifacts from throughout our town's long history. There are 8 buildings that do an amazing job of taking you back in time to learn about life in rural Maine in the 19th century. For hours and events, be sure to visit the Monmouth Museum Facebook Page.

Have a recommendation to the list? Be sure to share in the comments below. 

July 23, 2018 — Administrative Account

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