Spring is a notoriously fickle season in Maine.  Some years, we're still getting snow showers mid-April, and other times it's practically already summer come Easter. Luckily for us, this year the latter seems to be (more) true.  Grass is green, and though temperatures have yet to really rise, we've been spoiled by a warm day or two. In any case, it's May now...so we've moved past the danger zone! 

With warmer weather definitely on the way, Bates Mill Store is getting ready to kick off a 3rd year of hosting the Monmouth Community Garden, a project we've greatly enjoyed supporting and seeing grow over the last few summers.

The garden, which is located on the large front lawn of the Maine Heritage Weavers factory building, is managed by a small group of community members who are dedicated to tending their garden plots and keeping the operation running smoothly year-to-year. The land space, tilling, and water (right on site!) is donated by Maine Heritage Weavers.

Plot spaces are signed up for as singles (12'x30') or, for the avid gardener, as doubles (24'x30').  Gardeners are responsible for the upkeep of their own plots, and for working respectfully with their plot neighbors to ensure a harmonious and successful season.

Below are some photos from last year's crop.  It explodes fast!

We were very fortunate to have water available to us right on site, considering last year's drought conditions.  Clearly, this jungle was well-watered, and had plenty of sun!

If you, or someone that you know, is interested in having a small garden plot this year, please spread the word and like us on Facebook.  We still have 6 open plots available (if taken as singles-- less if doubled up).  

You can read more about last year's efforts in the Monmouth Community Garden project in the Kennebec Journal.  

For questions or to inquire about available plot spaces, Please contact the garden coordinator, Chad Wright at 207-446-9685 for additional information.

Those interested in signing up for a plot can also get in touch with Laurie Walker at the Monmouth Town Office.  She is the official go-to for plot registration and can be reached at the regular town office hours.

Here's to another excellent growing season!  We look forward to all the fresh veggies.

May 03, 2017 — Administrative Account

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