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Happy July! Summers in Maine are spectacular. Whether you're a local or just up for a visit, now's the time to be fully soaking up the great outdoors. One of Maine's biggest draws is our "camp" lifestyle. Maine camps are defined fairly loosely, but to most of us Mainers, a "camp" refers to a recreational summer home that is usually near the water. Many out-of-staters own summer lakeside homes here as well. Maine camps are also a popular summertime vacation destination. Getting a rural Maine cabin rental for a week or two can make for an enjoyable escape.

In this blog, we'll be covering some of our top American Made picks for Maine camp decor - of course, we can't make this list without including our one-and-only Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread, featured on Maine Cabin Masters!

1| Asheville Wood Adult Rocking Chair by Dixie Seating Co.

What's a camp getaway without some relaxing seating? We love these classic, made in the USA rocking chairs by Dixie Seating Co. Constructed out of ash and poplar, these beautiful chairs are available in a ton of colors, so you can pick your favorite!

Asheville Wood Adult Rocking Chair

2| American Legacy Braided Rug by Capel Rugs

These casual yet classic braided rugs by Capel Rugs are the perfect thing underfoot in a summer home (or any home, really!). Capel Rugs is a family business that has been making braided rugs since 1917. With over 100 years of heritage in every rug, you know you're getting an expertly made product that will last for years and years.

American Legacy Braided Rug

3| Basic Cedar Chest by Amish Handcrafted

Although Maine camps and cottages aren't always small, they're usually on the smaller side - which means you'll need some good storage spots. Cedar chests are known for their natural ability to control odors, humidity, and repel pests. These heirloom quality cedar chests by Amish Handcrafted are perfect for storing your extra bedding, throws, or blankets for cooler summer nights. Plus, they're gorgeous to look at.

4| Live Edge Coffee Table by Lancaster Live Edge

Nothing says "vacation" like a lazy, summer morning with a cup of coffee or tea! We love the rustic beauty of these custom Live Edge Coffee Tables by Lancaster Live Edge. Lancaster Live Edge is a family-owned business and is the sister company of Beiler's Sawmill in Lancaster, PA, where their live edge slabs are milled. Each table is completely unique and truly an exquisite piece of heirloom furniture.

5| Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread by Bates Mill Store

When it comes to bedding, our heirloom quality bedspreads and blankets are beautiful and deeply rooted in Maine's textile history. Our Wedgewood Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread was chosen by Maine Cabin Masters to use in their renovations of two rustic cabins in Gardiner, Maine.

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Image Credit: Maine Cabin Masters 

Do you have a Maine camp or like to summer here? We hope you found this list of American Made decor pieces informative! Tell us about your favorite Maine camp memories or American Made furniture pieces in the comments below.

July 01, 2023 — Adrienne Beacham

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