Whether you just moved or are looking to upgrade your home, there are many options for Made in USA sofas at all price levels. As your explore your options, we recommend getting started with these three companies highlighted below. Happy sofa hunting!

1. Budget - CoolSofa.com

Based in Southern California, we were delighted to find CoolSofa.com's vast selection of American made sofas at a reasonable price (under $1000). Their design aesthetic leans more towards modern, and they offer lots of different custom options including colors, textures and accessories. Their mid-century modern sofas stand out in their collection as timeless options for both the modern and classic home alike. Pictured: Greenwich Studio Sofa in Marlow Asphalt (From $695).

Source: CoolSofa.com

2. Mid-Range - Carolina Chair

Carolina Chair is a family-owned furniture company based in North Carolina that has been making furniture for 3 generations. Their assortment features classic sofa styles that are a great fit for traditional American homes. Their array of plush styles look incredibly comfortable and like the perfect place to watch a movie or to enjoy an afternoon nap. Pictured: Lewis Sofa (From $1875).

Source: Carolina Chair

3. Luxury - American Leather

Nothing says luxury sofa quite like leather. American Leather has a vast collection of both leather (and upholstered) sofas that are made of the highest quality materials in timeless designs. In addition to their beautiful furniture, we also love American Leather's dedication to American manufacturing and innovation. Pictured: Braxton Standard Sofa (from $2385).

Source: American Leather


We love hearing about other American manufacturers! Share your own favorites in the comments below.
January 19, 2017 — Administrative Account

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