When you visit the Bates Mill in Lewiston today, you can still hear the falls that powered the original textile machines that called the mill home for over a century. The booming sound of hundreds of looms may have disappeared, but the mill is still alive with the sounds of another kind of production, beer brewing!

Baxter Brew Pub in Bates MillBates Mill Canal

Photos: The entry to the Baxter Brewpub tucked behind the mill next to the canal. if the weather permits, be sure to enjoy a beverage on the patio where you can hear the falls of the canal that powered the mill for over a century.

Started in 2010, the Baxter Brewing Company has grown from a small production brewery to one of the largest craft breweries in Maine. Baxter is an innovative leader in its industry as the first New England brewery to can all of its beer (a more sustainable and also easier to drink choice!). 

 Bates Sign in Baxter BrewpubAir Compressor in Bates Powerhouse - Baxter BrewpubBaxter Brewpub Pipes

Photos: Housed in the original powerhouse of the Bates Mill, Baxter embraced the history in the design of its new brewpub, "The Pub." Rather than remove or hide the old equipment, Baxter features them throughout the pub as a subtle nod to mill's past.

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit our original home in the Bates Mill to tour Baxter’s production facility and new brewpub located in the original mill powerhouse. We had a great time visiting with Baxter’s Marketing Director, Adam, and sharing stories of the mill back when the powerhouse was still operating and the millworkers were still toiling away around the clock crafting America’s finest bedspreads.

Baxter Brewery ProductionBaxter Brewery Production

Photos: Behind the scenes of the brewery.

While we may have moved our weaving operation up the road to Monmouth, we’re proud to see the old Bates Mill has not lost its innovative manufacturing soul as Baxter carries on the tradition proudly. If you’re making your way up to visit us, we encourage you to stop by Baxter for a tour of the original mill and to sample another of Maine’s finest creations, Baxter Beer.

Update: We also recently learned that Baxter's founder, Luke Livingston, is retiring from the brewery. He will retire on Sept. 13 on the day that Baxter brew's its 100th barrel of its signature Stowaway IPA. Congratulations, Luke!

August 16, 2019 — Administrative Account

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