Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it’s likely you have an image in your mind of what a Christmas Tree is supposed to look like.  That classic, aromatic evergreen fir adorned with an array of dangling ornaments and twinkling lights.  And while we love a good, traditional Christmas Tree, we believe there is room in the world (and our hearts) for those trees that simply refuse to conform.

Source: Lowes

#1 | Upside-Down Christmas Tree

It’s not the color that makes this tree unique (silver actually was a popular color for Christmas Trees in the late 50’s and early 60’s).  The upside-down Christmas Tree only wants to help.  Plus, you can fit more presents under it!  

Source: Christmas Central

And if you’re really cramped for space,  you can go with the upside-down, cut-in-half Christmas Tree!

Source: Christmas Central

#2 | Naked Christmas Tree

Brrr.. it’s cold outside!  Good thing this skinny little tree is an indoors-dweller.  It does have a sort of Charlie Brown appeal to it, though.

Source: Overstock.com

#3 | Self-Sufficient Christmas Tree

So, this one has a pretty traditional look to it (besides that top hat), but the fact that it comes pre-decorated landed it a spot on our list.  Who has time for all that decorating stuff, anyways?

Source: Improvements Catalog

#4 | Rainbow Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas Tree of another color (several, in fact).  No decorations needed on this one.

Source: Treetopia

#5 | Tropical Christmas Tree

We know a few snowbirds who would love this tree!  (“Snowbirds” is a phrase Mainers use to describe other Mainers who spend winter in warmer climates).  

Source: AllModern

And there you have it, some of the craziest trees we could find on the world wide web. We want to know your thoughts!  Do you love ‘em, or do you hate ‘em?  Let us know in the comments below.
December 15, 2016 — Administrative Account


Melinda said:

I have a Christmas palm tree just like that one in my Florida room! My husband is from Miami, and while we have a traditional tree in the living room, I love our palm tree in the Florida room! Makes me laugh.

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