Gift cards are a funny thing.  People love receiving them, but as the gift-giver,  they can leave you feeling a bit lackluster, like you did not put in enough effort - and no one wants to come off as a lazy gift-giver!

We’ve got 5 solutions to that very problem!  Step-up your gift-card-giving game this holiday season with one of these 5 clever ideas:


1 | Create an Origami Card Holder

Add a personal touch with a DIY origami gift card holder.  You can find easy instructions here

For bonus points, you could include some fun stationary along with instructions for more origami creations!

2 | Make a Themed Arrangement

Personalize the vessel for your gift card based on the theme of the gift card itself.  For example, if you are giving a gift card from a coffee house, put the gift card in a coffee cup.  

You could do a cute display with a disposable cup like the one shown above or add to the gift with a reusable travel or at-home mug.  We love the selection of fun mugs available on Etsy.

3 | Presentation is Everything

[Photo Source]

Part of the fun about gifts is the presentation.  Simply putting some extra effort into a beautiful or unique wrapping job will elevate your gift card a couple of notches.

Start by gathering some inspiration from Good Housekeeping’s article, 35 Genius Gift Wrap Ideas for Prettier Presents (psst… we like #9).

4 | Include a Shopping Bag

If the gift card is to a brick-and-mortar store where the recipient can go shopping in person, include a reusable shopping bag for them to use on their shopping trip!

You can purchase reusable shopping bags at your local grocery store or online, or you can make one at home.  This tutorial shows you how to make a folding shopping bag and includes plenty of step-by-step pictures to help you through the process.

5 | Make the Purchase Easy

Make it easy for your recipient to use their gift card!  Provide a catalog or brochure from the business where the gift card is intended to be used.

At Bates Mill Store, we have a helpful brochure and fabric swatch package which will make picking out the perfect bedspread, blanket or accessory easy!  Simply request one in the special instructions box when placing your order for a Bates Mill Store Gift Card.


Have another fun idea for giving gift cards?  Share it in the comments below!

December 13, 2017 — Administrative Account

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