August’s featured bedspread is possibly our oldest matelassé style still in continuous production: the Heritage.  With its classic, half-drop repeat of botanical X’s and O’s, it’s no wonder this ageless pattern has lasted so long. 

Bates Manufacturing Company wove their first basic bedspread in 1858, kicking off their iconic career.  Almost 60 years later, in 1915, Bates expanded and purchased a variety of new looms.  These fresh machines enabled the company to weave a greater assortment of bedspread styles, including Jacquards, crochets, satins, brocades, damasks, and Ripplette.  Years passed, and the workers at Bates continued to develop and perfect new styles.  Never wanting to forget the past, they also sought to rediscover and resurrect old methods of weaving.  In 1940, terry toweling and rib chord cloth were introduced.  The famous Matelassé bedspreads were added to the Bate’s collection in the early 1950’s.  Both terry bedspreads and matelasse bedspreads  continue to be produced today, in Monmouth ME, by Maine Heritage Weavers

Matelassé is an elegantly figured woven material that was designed to mimic the hand-quilting (whitework, trapunto) techniques of 18th century Marseilles, France.  Because of this, it is sometimes called “woven quilting.”  At the time, this hand-quilted “Marseille’s cloth” was highly popular in England and used in women’s fashion items.  Over the years, an assortment of techniques were developed in England to mimic France’s hand-quilting on a loom, but it wasn’t until the invention of the Jacquard that Matelassé fabric creation was fully revolutionized.

The Heritage was released by Bates in 1952, within the first collection of Matelassé styles produced by the company.  At the time, it was called “Heirloom.”

  From a 1952 catalogue (Heirloom, TOP), alongside another very early Matelassé pattern (Betsy Bates, BOTTOM).



From a 1954 catalogue.  Heirloom, now called Heritage (TOP).  

Bates Heritage, one of the other initial Matelassés introduced by Bates, is a pattern that has been resurrected today as Colonial Rose (CENTER).

There are similar pages from 1955 and 1957 catalogues, pulled from our archives.  The (at the time) Heirloom was also offered as a coverlet, or “topper,” as it is today.

From the 1955 catalog.  “Bates Heirloom Topper” (CENTER) 

 A product page with unknown date.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, the “Heirloom” was listed as part of Bate’s “Heirloom Collection” alongside other classics, such as the Martha Washington’s Choice and Queen Elizabeth.

 From Bates Decorating Guide and Catalog, 1969

From Bates Fashion Portfolio, (late 60’s)

The name change from “Heirloom” to “Heritage” occurred during the reformation of Bates of Maine in the late 1980’s.  Today, Heritage proudly continues its legacy as a finely crafted, made in the U.S.A lighter weight bedspread fit for all four seasons.

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August 11, 2015 — Adrienne Beacham


Lois Crane said:

Do you have any historical information? I’m wondering if Bates made a bedspread in the 1940s with a motif of aircraft carriers and airplanes? I have one.

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