Here on the east coast, and especially in New England, we have a deep rooted connection to the birth of the good ol’ US of A. Therefore, we have the best 4th of July celebrations.  If you want to celebrate like a true New Englander, you might consider checking out one of these events:

 1 | Haddam, Connecticut

The 4th of July calls for fireworks- that is a given.  But this isn’t Texas, and bigger isn’t always better.  In New England, we like to set off our own backyard fireworks! Connecticut River Expeditions holds a sunset cruise where they take you in search of these small but plentiful light shows.

2 | Bristol, Rhode Island


Home to America’s oldest 4th of July celebration, the town of Bristol has had plenty of time to perfect their event. The festivities have changed a bit since the first celebration in 1785 – but it is still a great time!

3 | Hubbardton, Vermont


Carry the celebration into the following weekend with the Battle of Hubbardton Revolutionary War Encampment Weekend. This event takes you back in time to give you a taste of life in Vermont during Revolutionary War times. 

 4 | Milton, New Hampshire


The New Hampshire Farm Museum holds their 4th on the Farm celebration where you can enjoy homemade strawberry shortcake and plenty of old-timey games and activities. Great for the kiddos!

 5 | East Falmouth, Massachusetts


New England is rich in Native American heritage and part of the influence can be seen in the names of our towns, lakes, rivers and mountains. This year, expand your celebration to share in Native American heritage. The Mashpee Wampanoag 94th Annual Pow Wow will keep you entertained all weekend with traditional music, dance and food (yum!).

6 | Eastport, Maine


You’ll get a full dose of Maine spirit at the largest 4th of July celebration in the state. It runs for seven full days, so you might even have time to pick up the Maine-ah accent (or at least a few catch phrases, Bub).  Oh, and on your way home you can stop by the Bates Mill Store!

June 23, 2015 — Katie Cloutier

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