April’s featured bedspread, the Spectrum, is a fairly new addition to the Bate’s product collection.  This mid-weight, woven bedspread is 100% preshrunk cotton and manufactured by Maine Heritage Weavers.  Due to it’s lighter weight and lively pastel color scheme, the Spectrum is a perfect match for springtime and summer months.  Bates features this delightfully chromatic product in our Lightweight Collection.  

Fun Fact:  The Spectrum is known to many around here as the “Parfait.”  We can guess why!
Check out this healthy recipe for one here.  A perfect springtime snack to nosh on while you continue reading....


Rolls of Spectrum Fabric

The Spectrum holds it’s own as our only basic woven bedspread. This festive product is available in full-sized, standard bedspread measurements, though sometimes wrongly mistaken for a blanket due to it’s construction.  It is woven on a Dobby loom (much like the Cable Weave or George Washington’s Choice) as opposed to on the large Jacquard Matelassé or Terry looms.  
A Dobby Loom at Maine Heritage Weavers

During the golden years of Bates Manufacturing, many different styles and types of weaves were being produced. Today, Maine Heritage Weavers specializes and focuses on three: Matelassé, Terry, and plain weaves.  The Spectrum, although today a plain weave and a newly formulated design, did have precursors which possibly informed its creation.  One of these is pictured below, top right, in an antiquated Minette-Bates catalogue.  Very possibly this older version of the Spectrum was produced in the southern states, and it was only later that we brought the design north.  
As previously noted, the Spectrum in it’s current format is one of the babies within our product collection.  Unlike many of the Bates classics, which have been in production for generations, this style is only a few years old.  It was originally created by one of our lead designers upon request in 2010.  At that time, it was introduced as the “Hampshire Pastel Bedspread.”  

Currently, the Spectrum is only offered in one selection of colors: peach, violet, mint, and blue on a natural background.  At Maine Heritage Weavers, there has been talk of possibly weaving this bedspread in a variety of color options.  Some ideas include a fall color scheme (of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens) and/or one made up of different hues of blue.

Do you have a particular palette you think would be beautiful as the Spectrum?  We welcome discussion in the comments below!

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April 28, 2015 — Bianca Cloutier

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