Buying American Made is a goal for many, but researching the perfect product can take time and we know just how precious your time is, especially during the summer when you'd rather be at the beach than in front of a computer screen.  So, hit the beach because we are doing the work for you!  If you are in need of a new area rug or carpet, check out one of the American Made brands below!

Rhody Rug, Inc.

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Rhody Rug, Inc. is a fellow New England manufacturer (woot! woot!) that has been producing top quality braided rugs since 1987.  In addition to their rugs, they also offer braided accessories such as chair pads, baskets and stair treads.  Their Kid's Collection (pictured above) boasts fun, playful colors and easy clean-up.  Find a retailer near you.

Colonial Braided Rug Company®

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Nothing beats the service you receive from a family owned business and Colonial Braided Rug Company is no exception.  They have a wide variety of standard styles and sizes, but will work with you personally to customize the perfect rug for your space.  From the smallest breakfast nook to the boldest outdoor patio, they’ve got you covered.  Contact them today!

Masland Carpets and Rugs

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Masland Carpets and Rugs, like many early American manufacturers, has a long history of hard work and innovation.  Established in 1866, they are now celebrating their 150 year anniversary!  Watch this video to learn more about their journey.  An impressive history for an impressive product.


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Bloomsberg is the only remaining Axminster mill in the United States, proving their product to be truly unique.  Furthermore, they are recognized as the only carpet manufacturer in the world that weaves Wilton Carpet, Axminster Carpet and Velvet Carpets all under one roof.  You can witness this too, because they welcome visitors to their factory and enjoy sharing their passion for the art of weaving carpets.  If you can’t make it to Pennsylvania though, you can get a virtual tour here.


Do you know of another American rug or carpet manufacturer you'd like to recommend?  Is there another Made in America product that you'd like featured in our blog?  Let us know in the comments below!


June 10, 2016 — Katie Cloutier


Emmy said:

Very beautiful carpet, I really like them. There are several companies which ,manufactures beautiful carpets, but we can not trust on everyone. An another company where we can trust for beautiful designer handmade cheap carpets is Amer Rugs.

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Lana said:

Organ Rugs out of Anderson, SC is proud to continue the tradition of pride in American excellence in rug making.

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