The doldrums of a long winter will soon be behind us as we welcome the first day of Spring. This is an amazing gift that only the month of March can provide, but did you know that this glorious section of the calendar is also designated as National Craft Month?

What better way to celebrate National Craft Month and the coming of a new season than by learning a new, crafty skill? To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve dug up some useful “get started” resources for 5 classic crafting skills.

#1 – Watercolor painting | Between blooming blossoms and returning songbirds, Spring brings an array of lovely and striking colors. Naturally, this is the perfect time to learn to paint with watercolors because the inspiration for your artwork will be all around you! Start with these easy techniques.


#2 – Crocheting | At this point it is still a tad chilly outside, so why not stay in and learn to make things that will keep you warm until the ground thaws? You can create all sorts of gorgeous items through crocheting. Learn the basic steps to any epic crochet project with these detailed videos.

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#3 – Needle Felting | One of our employees made this little bugger using needle felting. Once you know the basic steps, you can create any cute critter you heart desires. Watch this tutorial to learn all you need to know.


#4 – Sewing | The machine does most of the work for you, so your first step should be to get your hands on a sewing machine. After that, practice makes perfect. Before you get started, check out this list of helpful hints for beginners.


#5 – Weaving | We have a soft spot in our hearts for this craft. Although our own looms are on a much larger scale than your typical home handloom, the concept is the same. This website is a great resource for getting started with your first weaving project.


March 05, 2015 — Katie Cloutier

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