As you know, Valentine’s Day is a 24-hour period in which a man is held to extremely high expectations for showing love and affection to his significant other. Luckily, a deep appreciation for handmade gifts is a trait engrained in the female DNA. We care about your well being, so we went ahead and dug up some foolproof, easy-to-execute options. Give her one (or all) and you might survive.

#1 – Heart Pillows

DO NOT PANIC! This project requires zero sewing. The only skills you’ll need are the ability to use scissors and tie a knot. Phew. Get started with this tutorial to let her know that she can always rest her head on your heart pillow.

#2 – Mini Pie Pops

Pros: taste testing is required.  Cons: you’ll need to refrain from eating them all.  Get cookin'.

 #3 –Tea of Love

Drinking tea has a calming effect on the female mind and body, which may come in handy during your next lover’s quarrel. You can even be pre-emptive with your apologies by putting notes on the tag such as “You’re right”, or “You’re right, again”. Drink up.

#4 – Artwork, Heartwork

You get to bust out a hammer for this one, so don’t worry about your man card losing its’ value. You can even step it up a notch by adding a loving phrase. We suggest the obvious, “You pull at my heartstrings”. Get hammerin'.

#5 – Seed Starter Kit

Just as love blossoms with tender care and support, so too will this thoughtful gift. For bonus points, make sure to use the seeds of your partners’ favorite plant or flower (#nailedit). See the tutorial here.

#6 – Prepare to Snuggle


These DIY gifts are sure to earn you a spot on the couch, but the Loving Embrace Throw will win you remote privileges too!  Shop now >

February 04, 2015 — Bianca Cloutier

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